Standard tapware vs Mixed tapware

Making a decision on the most suitable kind of tapware for your home is not an easy process. For example, you may need separate faucets for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and shower area, among other things. Using mixing tapware in your bathroom instead of a normal tap in your laundry room, for example, may be more convenient. Anyhow, knowing how to differentiate between the many kinds of taps that are accessible based on the area that you need may be the difference between having a completely functional tap and having one that does not do the job that you require.

In what ways can we identify the difference between a mixer tap and a standard tap?

Listed below is a quick tutorial on how to tell the difference between the two kinds of worms:

A close-up of a person's hand holding a syringe

The mixer tapware is the most common kind of tap you will find in Australian houses, especially in kitchens, and it is also the most expensive. The term “mixing taps” refers to a kind of faucet that has a single handle that handles both hot and cold water and allows the water to be mixed together and dispensed from a single spout; older types of faucets have separate spouts for cold and hot water, and these are known to as pillar tapware. Another kind of faucet is the traditional tapware, which includes a handle for both hot and cold water as well as a sprayer. This is the most common type of faucet.

Consequently, which of the following is more preferable: a mixer tap, a pillar tap, or a standard faucet? Making changes to your house is completely a matter of personal choice, and the style that you want to portray in your home is entirely dependent on your own preferences.

Examples include: 

  • A modern Australian home will have mixer taps installed throughout the house, giving it a sleek and user-friendly feel
  • An older style federation house will most likely have traditional taps installed, in keeping with that classic feel; and 
  • A retro house may choose to use pillar taps, in keeping with the retro feel and to match the cool pastel-colored basins and toilets.

Although one tapware is not always better than another when it comes to tapware, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and this is definitely true when it comes to tapware. My recommendation is to never scrimp on your tapware when changing it; instead, always choose middle- or top-of-the-line goods. This will pay benefits in the long term since the taps will need less maintenance and replacement parts should be easily accessible when they are required, resulting in a reduction in overall costs. Using low-cost taps will cause them to fail fast, and as a plumber, I can tell you that certain taps are almost impossible to get new parts for, so stick with well-known brands and distributors.

When I was remodeling my own house, I chose the following styles to go with the existing architecture since they were complementary to it.

The kitchen, laundry room, and sink water mixers should be turned off. Wall-mounted shower mixers should also be turned off. Visit to read about Tapware trends to focus on in 2021.

A picture containing tapware

There is one final tip for the day, and it is one that you will appreciate: when it comes time to replace your hose taps outside, spend the extra money and get 14 turn lever style taps, which require zero maintenance and will last forever in a day, eliminating the need for washers and difficult to turn handles entirely.

Because the temperature of the water is tuned considerably more rapidly with them, you will save money on water use. They may also have a water-saving function that allows you to decrease the quantity of water you use, thus reducing your water bill. There are many different types of mixer taps available, ranging from monobloc mixer tapware to three-hole mixer taps, to suit your needs. A range of colors is also available, ranging from the more basic chrome or stainless steel to the more ornate gold-colored faucets. Shower and bath faucets of this kind are especially well suited for use in showers and …

Tapware trends to focus on in 2021

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