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Installing Walkway Stepping Stones

Walkway Stepping Stones are a creative and decorative way to add a walkway either in the front or back of your home. The designs are unique and functional creating a magical path way for your family and friends leading to your home.

 River Rock Stepping Stones, set of 3

I particularly like the smooth natural multi colored river rock walkway stepping stones. They give a back to nature look that is sure to enhance any area that you put them in. These zen type stepping stones are kept together by a pvc backing so they will keep their shape even when frequently used. No river rocks spreading all over your garden. The backing allows spaces so that soil will fill in between the rocks creating an even more natural look. They can be laid over grass, sand, mud, even wet areas and still maintain their durability and beauty. Comes in a set of 3 and are available in a variety of different shapes.

Many glow in the dark so at night your stepping stones will illuminate your pathway and give off soft light so making their way to your door is safe and easy.

Walkway Stepping Stones are easy to install.  It is an easy process that requires just a few steps to creating a new stepping stone walkway in your outdoor yard.

  1. Decide where you want your walkway and whether it will be curved or straight. Start by marking your walkway by using rope or 2 garden hoses.
  2. Lay the walkway stepping stones within your markings and adjust as needed. A step is about 18 inches so pace the stones so that each stepping stone is about 18 inches from the center from each stone.
  3. Dig around the stones straight down the a straight edge shovel.
  4. Remove the stepping stone and dig out a the soil and fill each hole with about an inch of stand. Taking into consideration the thickness of each stepping stone, the stepping stone should sit about an inch above the ground after you have added the sand.
  5. Pour about an inch of sand into the hole and level the bottom of the hole, so that the stone will lay flat.
  6. Place the stone into the hole.
  7. Make sure that your stepping stone is somewhat level. Push on the stepping stone to make sure it does not move. You can add or remove sand to accomplish this.
  8. Once the walkway stepping stones are level, fill in the area around the stepping stone with soil and tamp it firmly.
  9. Make sure that the walkway stepping stones are about the same height by laying a board across a few stones and using the level.
  10. Once all stepping stones are completed sweep each stepping stone so that each is clean.

 Sun Walkway Stepping Stone-Glow In The Dark Sun Ring Walkway Stepping Stone Memories Walkway Stepping Stone Pet Walkway Stepping Stone Dragonfly Glow Walkway Stepping Stone Butterfly Walkway Stepping Stone Friendship Walkway Stepping Stone Mother Walkway Stepping Stone