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Outdoor Tree Faces

Outdoor Tree Faces can create a wonderful backyard wonderland with these whimsical and fun “faces” and outdoor creatures that are looking and peeking back at you.

Decorating your outdoors is just as fun as decorating inside your home and there are many different decorating ideas that can help you create a wonderful backyard experience for you and your family.  Not only can you decorate your yard with gardens and flowers and shrubs but you can also decorate your trees with fun tree decorations that will have your guests taking a second look. Fun Squirrels and Monkeys peeking out from behind your back yard trees to Smiley Forest Face, these addition to your back or even front yard trees will keep your neighbors amused.

You can give a gnome a home with a wonderful doorway on your tree, one that even lights up at night to create an illuminated look to your yard and will keep your kids wondering about those little and fun creatures.

Many outdoor tree faces are made with a resin type material that is made to match the bark of the tree so they blend in to create a fun and natural look to any tree.  As well as the cute tree peeker’s that will make any child smile at the animals, creatures and gnomes peeking out from behind any tree in your backyard.  Give a gnome a home with decorated gnome door on your tree, after all every gnome needs a home.

Outdoor tree faces are extremely easy to install with a nail, hook and hammer.  They are specifically made to last season after season and will keep their shape, smiles and vibrant colors.

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