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Garden Gazing Balls

There is something magical about garden gazing balls in your garden or as a focal point anywhere in your yard. The way the light dances and darts off them mesmerizes the onlookersm, especially children. Gazing balls have been believed as a way to ward off evil spirits and become one with the universe for centuries.

Gazing Globes or Gazing Balls were mouth blown glass orbs and graced many in homes in the English countryside in the early 13th century. They have certainly come a long way since then. Now they are made in many different materials and finishes. However they are made, they still hold the same mesmerizing meaning and decorative characteristics.

Many believed, and still do, that Garden Gazing Balls hold many mystical powers and unite you and the universe as one. In some legends they were thought to ward off bad things like evil spirits, attackers, witches and event ghosts. Gazing Balls were placed by the front door and if a witch or ghost saw their reflection, they would be scared away by their own reflection. They were also called “Butler Balls”, the home’s servants could see the reflection of important guests arriving to see if they needed help.

Garden Gazing Balls now come in all different forms and looks, and colors. They can be mounted on various stands or platforms to fit in with outdoor decor. They can also be simply placed on a table or even on the ground. No matter what kind of gazing globe you choose for your garden or outdoor decor, it will certainly become a magical and colorful addition.



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