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Wheeled Snow Shovels

Snow Shovels with wheels, what an original concept, Wheeled Snow Shovels. It’s winter and it’s cold and it snows, some get more snow than others. All that snow needs to go for us to get on with the daily grind of life.

Wheeled snow shovels are designed to help relieve the back breaking chore of getting rid of that snow just a little easier with one swift motion instead of the bending, lifting and throwing that heavy snow. The wheels allow you to easily push that snow without exerting the extra effort. The shovels are wider than your basic snow shovel so there is less shoveling to do on that very cold winter day.

Wheeled snow shovels are designed to eliminate the backbreaking labor associated with clearing away a driveway’s worth of snow. How? By replacing all of the physically bending, lifting, turning and throwing motions with a single, simple forward pushing motion. The rounded grooves along the shovel’s surface serve to direct the flow of snow outward and off your clearing path, while the shovel’s thin, flat, asphalt hugging point powers through last week’s snow as easily as through a freshly fallen layer.  The wheel on the shovel allow you to easily roll the shovel to push the snow out of your pathway, driveway or walkway.

Every winter you can now be prepared to any snow, light or heavy, to make your home snow free and safe for your family.  No more worrying about any one slipping or falling and possibly getting seriously injured.  A wheeled snow shovel is the way to go.

 Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 6 Heavy Duty Adjustable Rolling Snow Pusher With 6 Wheeled Shovel – Get Rolling on Snow Removal Metal Rolling Snow Pusher Shovel Yo-Ho Polar Tuff Wheeled Snow Pusher Plow by Yeoman Snowcaster 36-Inch Bi-Directional Wheeled Snow Pusher

Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters

Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters are a great way to keep your guests warm and cozy on a chilly night while they are relaxing on your patio or outside deck.

So classy yet so functional and what a great addition  a Outdoor Propane Patio Heater is to your next gathering. They can be used year round on any chilly night to give some much needed warmth for your family and friends. The warm glow with also add a cozy atmosphere and just enough light on a dark night. Propane Patio heaters are used similarly to your propane bbq grill. All you need is a propane tank and you’ll have heat in no time with the easy Push-Button Ignition operation.

All outdoor propane patio heaters are CE/CSA/ETL Approved for safety and equipped with a regulator hose. A nice added feature are the wheels that make moving and storing your patio heater an easy task. Made from rust resistant and weather resistant material and a weight base for stability.

They can be use for any special event, wedding, party, outdoor events, on your pool deck, deck or patio.

These wonderful free standing propane patio heaters are updated with the newest technology and features to make keeping your guests, friends and family comfortable an easy task. Push button technology is all it takes to start the heat going and with the added safety features you can rest easy know that they are manufactured with the highest safety standards.

 Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater Hammered Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater Stainless Steel Outdoor Propane Patio Heater Pyramid Bronze Outdoor Patio Propane Heater Pyramid Mocha Outdoor Patio Propane Heater

And Don’t forget the Propane Heater Cover to keep your Patio Heater looking like new and working great.

 Veranda Standup Patio Heater Cover Patio Heater Cover in Tan Patio Heater Cover, Square Cover For Pyramid Patio Heaters Patio Heater Top Cover, Khaki

Outdoor Garden Thermometers

Outdoor Garden Thermometers are a great addition to any back or front yard.  They are not just your typical outdoor garden thermometer anymore.  Outdoor Garden Thermometers are now a work of art and are not only functional but an attractive piece to add in your yard.  They not only show you the temperature outside but can also be used to compliment your outdoor decor as they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles.  Dual styles are available that not only show the temperature but the time and barometric levels as well.

Garden Thermometers

Is the weather outside frightful or delightful? With just a look out the window, you’ll know by glancing at your outdoor thermometer if it’s a jacket day.

Outdoor Thermometers are made to withstand the cold, harsh winters as well as the hot summers so they will keep showing the temperatures year after year. Today’s garden thermometers are designed with you in mind so that they are attractive as well as functional.

These attractive garden Thermometers come with a hanger on the back to make mounting easy on any surface.  If mounting is not your thing, you can now have an outdoor garden thermometer on a stake that you can place where you want in your yard or garden.  They are weather resistant and are made to withstand severe weather conditions such as heat or cold.  They are made with durable materials that will prevent damage to them and their colors will stay vibrant for years to come as they are uv protected to maintain their color and quality.


 Antique Copper Finish Adjustable Angle 10 Inch Garden Thermometer MayRich 15” Side Mounted, Swivel Garden Clock and Thermometer Springfield Beach Outdoor Thermometer Metal Outdoor Clock with Thermometer and Humidity, 18-Inch Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometer, 17 by 14-Inch Snowman Thermometer & Snow Gauge



Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes

Who didn’t love a Snow Globe as a child? Even as adults aren’t Snow Globes just mesmerizing to look at?  Having Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes creates that child like feeling as we watch the snow falling right on our own front lawn.

Having an Inflatable Snow Globe on your front lawn is a wonderful Christmas Decoration to add to your outdoor decorating. It will be the talk of the neighborhood with all the kids gathering around to watch the snow swirling and spinning around Santa or his friends even Frosty makes an appearance.

Snow Globes are a time honored tradition that goes back to 1900 and was created by accident and they are still as popular today. These magical pieces are collected word wide and now you can have your very own Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globe right on your front lawn.

Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes are very easy to set up.  All outdoor inflatables come with a “blower” that is attached to Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes that keep them continually inflated and keeping that snow falling.  They are also equipped with tethers that keep your outdoor inflatable in place and prevents it from falling over or blowing away in the wind.  Once it is time to take it down, simply deflate, fold and store away for the next season.  Outdoor inflatable are easy to store in their original box and take up little room in your storage area or garage.

Creating a fun and memorable scene with this eye catching and magical decoration is easy to create. Just plug it in, stake it down and watch the snow globe light up with the magical snow beginning in a few seconds delighting adults and kids alike.


 Christmas Snow Family Inflatable Snow Globe ChristmasSanta Inflatable Snow Globe Frozen Olaf Inflatable Snow Globe Christmas Bubble Inflatable Snow Globe Christmas Santa Inflatable Snow Globe

Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Using outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations to decorate your yard this year for Christmas can help you create a winter wonderland of special characters that will delight the neighbor children, family and friends.

These unique and fun Christmas Inflatable stand tall in your yard to welcome your family and friends to your home.  Their huge presence comes at a small price.

Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Using outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations is a fun and easy way to decorate your yard. They are amazingly easy to set up. All inflatable decorations come with a nozzle and air blower, just attached the nozzle and watch your decoration self inflate in minutes and watching your children witness them inflating is priceless.

One of the best things about inflatable decorations is the set up and storage, as easy as they are to inflate they are just as easy to deflate. They are wonderful for storage, especially if you are short on storage space. They deflate flat and take up little room in your garage or storage area.  They are made with a durable material that will last Christmas after Christmas and are uv resistant to retain their vibrant colors and shape.

They create an additional way to light up and showcase your yard with the theme you choose for your outdoor Christmas Decorating.


 Airblown Inflatable Outdoor Christmas Characters – 4ft Tall (Santa) Home Accents Holiday 6.5 ft. Inflatable Airblown Santa Hanging from Roof Star Wars Yoda Lighted Airblown Inflatable Father Christmas Santa Disney Frozen Olaf 6 Foot Christmas Airblown Inflatable Blow Up Yard Decoration 4 Foot Long Lighted Christmas Inflatable Three Dogs Yard Art Decoration Disney Star Wars R2D2 with Santa Hat 4.5 Foot Christmas Airblown Inflatable CHRISTMAS INFLATABLE MINION STUART & KEVIN BUILDING SNOWMAN BY GEMMY 6 Foot Long Christmas Inflatable Penguins Fishing on Polar Bear Decoration

Outdoor Grill Covers

Outdoutdoor grill coveroor Grill Covers are a necessity if you own an Outdoor Grill or BBQ. While we love to BBQ during the warmer months, during the cold winter months it’s time to put that outdoor grill away for the season. The best way to prepare your grill for out of season is to make sure it is clean and use an outdoor grill cover to protect your grill from the harsh weather.

Your outdoor grill is an investment that you want to keep in good working condition year after year. During the colder winter months it is important that you cover your grill to keep it protected from the outdoor elements of freezing cold, freezing rain, snow, ice and wind.

Outdoor grill covers are made of a durable and waterproof outer layer that resists ripping, tearing and cracking in colder weather conditions. It protects your outdoor grill from the harshest of weather and a soft inner layer that protects your grill from scratches. They are made with velcro attachments for a secure fit and air vents to prevent mold and allow the wind to blow through so that the cover stays in place. Many styles tie or have elastic at the bottom to prevent the grill cover from blowing off in windy weather.  Fade resistant material ensures your outdoor grill cover will be looking like new year after year.

As with any cover you purchase, make sure that you fully measure your grill to ensure getting the correct size grill cover.

Outdoor Grill Covers come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes that are sure to fit in with your outdoor decor. Show off your favorite team with a NFL Outdoor Grill Cover or camoflauge it with a Camo style grill cover.

 Heavy Gauge Grill CoverOutdoor Grill Cover Weatherproof Outdoor Grill CoverOutdoor Grill Cover Heavy Duty Outdoor Grill CoverOutdoor Grill Cover Green Bay Packers Grill CoverOutdoor Grill Cover Camouflage Grill CoverOutdoor Grill Cover Camo Outdoor Grill CoverOutdoor Grill Cover

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Outdoor Furniture Covers are an absolute must have, especially if you live in an area that has harsh, cold, wet, snowyOutdoor Furniture Covers winters.

Outdoor Furniture Covers protect your outdoor furniture investment from the elements of the weather. You have invested in your outdoor furniture to create a place where you go can and enjoy the wonderful outdoor living space in comfort and design. It is important to protect your investment from the harshest of winters and rainest of rains and snows.

They are manufactured to stringent guidelines for outdoor usage. Outdoor Furniture Covers have an interior that will not scratch your table and and a protective outer side that makes sure your furniture is protected. Made of a durable, crack prood and waterproof material to prevent rain and moisture from seeping through on to your furniture even in the wettest of weather. They will also help prevent your outdoor furniture from fading due to harsh weather. Many outdoor furniture covers are secured or tied at the bottom to prevent the wind from whipping them off.

Outdoor Furniture Covers come in a variety of styles and sets that will fit your outdoor weatherproofing needs.

While outdoor furniture covers come in individual pieces, I particularly like the ones that cover the entire outdoor dining sets.  Accessory pieces are also available to  cover any item on your deck, including side tables, ottomans and barbeques.

The Hickory Round Table and Chair Covers from Classic Accessories are made from durable Weather10 material, with a which features a rugged fabric outer layer with a laminated waterproof and wipe-clean inside coating. Leather trim looks authentic but won’t rot and large air vents reduce mold- and mildew-causing moisture while preventing wind lofting. Click-close straps secure your cover on windy days and an adjustable elastic hem cord for a tight, custom fit. The padded handles make putting on and removing cover easy and comfortable.
Classic Accessories Hickory Table and Chair Cover, Round, Medium, Tan