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Floating Lounge Chairs


Floating Lounge Chairs are a must have accessory for anyone who owns a pool or frequents their community pool.

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than laying out on the cooling waters soaking up some rays.

A floating lounge chair is the perfect way to relax on a hot summer day. Floating in the pool, lake or ocean with the tranquil and soothing sounds of the crystal clear water is a perfect way to end your day and start your weekend. Add in a cold drink and you are set to go for the day.

Many floating lounge chairs are comfy and cozy with comfortable headrests, armrests and backrest. Some are adjustable so you can sit up or lay down comfortably. Built in cup holders make sure your cold drink stays close at hand.  Everything you need for a relaxing day at your favorite spot.

Floating Lounge Chairs are made of durable material to last year after year.  New technology makes the hot and sticky plastic a thing of the past.  These floating loungers are covered in a soft, comfortable and cool fabric that will get rid of those sweating in the sun days.  Heavy gauge vinyl prevents punctures, rips and tears. They are easily inflatable and you’ll be rockin in the sunshine before you know it.  Once deflated they take up almost no room in your storage area and will ready for next year’s fun in the sun.



 Ultimate Fabric Covered Floating Lounge ChairView Now Swimline Floating Lounge ChairView Now SwimWays Floating Lounge ChairView Now Powkoo Floating Lounge ChairView Now Poolmaster Floating Lounge ChairView Now TRC Super Soft Floating Lounge ChairView Now Swimline Floating Lounge ChairView Now Intex Floating Lounge ChairView Now Splash Pools Floating Lounge ChairView Now



Inflatable Water Slide

Adding an inflatable water slide in your back yard will turn you back yard into your own Water Park. There’s no need to pack up the family and head

out with coolers and towels and what ever you need for a day out with the family. You can stay in the comfort of your own home and the family will be content to play outside all day on the inflatable water slide keeping cool and splashing galore.
You will be delighted watching your children have a great time in their own water park in their back yard. Your family, friends and neighbors will be joining in the fun with their children as well. Your home will be “the” place to go to. So light up the Barbecue and let the fun begin.

An inflatable water slide saves you time, effort and money while providing your family with a fun sun day everyday. You will no longer have to pack the night before, get up early to beat the traffic, carry around coolers, towels and lunches and you will be saving money by having a staycation in your yard. Imagine not spending money yet having the family have a great time in your yard with their friends.

Inflatable Water Slide

Which is best for me?

There are different variations of inflatable water slides that will meet the needs of your family. Whether it be a single slide, double slide or even a full out water park it will be the talk of the neighborhood. There are also different variations on how they work, smaller water slides require that they be inflated, definitely would recommend a pump. The bigger inflatable water slides have a running blower such as those in outdoor inflatable decorations. It is important to make sure that any water slide is age appropriate for your children to prevent anyb injuiries. Which ever you choose, they will be a hit with the kids.

Inflatable water slides are manufactured with the highest durable material to withstand the extreme use that they will get. They are easily deflated, once dry, simply deflate, fold and store for next year’s summer season.
 Spring & Summer Toys Banzai Adventure Club Water ParkCheck It Out

Adventure awaits your backyard all summer long! This massive water park features 2 curved water slides, 2 water-blasting cannons, a basketball hoop and a refreshing overhead water sprinkler. There’s plenty of room in the top tunnel to meet with friends and join the Adventure Club. With the included continuous airflow blower, all of this fun inflates in less than 3 minutes. Heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction ensures lasting strength and durability.



The creme de la creme of inflatable water slides that also have an interactive water park with lots of squirting, splashing and water play. Made of durable pvc material that will stand up to prolonged use.

 Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Splash Inflatable Water Slide and ParkCheck It Out Banzai Aqua Pipeline Inflatable Water Slide and ParkCheck It Out Banzai Plummet Falls Inflatable Water Slide and ParkCheck It Out Banzai Aqua Sports Inflatable Water Slide and ParkCheck It Out Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Slide ParkCheck It Out Banzai Surf N’ Splash Inflatable Water Slide and ParkCheck It Out




Inflatable Swimming Pools

Inflatable Swimming Pools are a great alternative to having a stationary pool in your backyard. Up for the summer, down for the winter. No having to “winterize” your pool for the winter months and they are much more cost effective for summer fun.

Inflatable Swimming Pools are a wonderful way for the family to cool off during those hot summer months. The kids will be splashing in the water in no time. Just set it up and the family is ready to enjoy. They are made of a durable material that resists rips and tears so they will last season after season. Once the the cooler weather comes in, just deflate and store for next summer’s fun. Inflatable Swimming Pools are a fraction of the cost of a stationary pool and will not require as much land prep or maintenance.
 Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Inflatable Swimming PoolCheck It Out

Make a splash all summer long with the Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set, one of the most easy to assemble pools on the market. This pool will make your backyard the place to be all summer as your family can relax and play. The Ocean Reef Easy Set pool displays photo-realistic ocean life images on the pool which makes it irresistible for kids who want to swim in a life-size aquarium. A 110-120 volt filter pump is included and is very easy to install- just hook up the hoses and enjoy clean refreshing water. Ready for water in 10 minutes, – simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water, and enjoy the fun!



Swim Through Inflatable Swimming Pool

 Summer Waves Swim Through Family PoolCheck It Out

The Swim Through Family Pool will keep the kids entertained all summer long. Featuring a removable arch and two cushioned seats to relax on, this fun and exciting pool is quick and easy to inflate. Constructed from durable PVC, little ones will have a blast swimming from side to side like little fish. The Swim Through Inflatable Swimming Pool Measures 120 X 72 X 22″.



These inflatable swimming pools are approximate 2 1/2 feet deep. The perfect size for a great day with family outside cooling off.

 Intex Clearview Aquarium Inflatable Swimmingh PoolCheck It Out Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Swimming PoolCheck It Out Intex Swim Center Ocean Reef Inflatable Swimming PoolCheck It Out



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Inflatable Baby Pools

Inflatable Baby Pools provide a way for your baby to join in with all the summer fun of playing and splashing in the water. Your baby will be able to have their own safe area to play in while cooling off from the hot sun.

Inflatable Baby Pools are made specifically for children who can sit on their own and will love sitting in the water and learning about splaying and keeping cool. You can’t help but smile as you watch and listen to the laughter and giggles from your little one.

Inflatable baby pools are made of a durable material to stand up to the many uses over the summer. They are easy to inflate and when deflated they are quick and easy to store for next year and your little one will use it for years. There are many styles you can choose from including detachable sun shades or canopy’s that will protect your child from the sun’s harsh rays.
 Water Spraying Shark Inflatable Kiddie PoolCheck It Out

The Intex Shark Sprayer Pool Play Center is an ideal place for kids to keep cool and enjoy the summer. This inflatable toys activity center attaches to a garden hose and features a water-spraying shark along with plenty of bright and colorful images.The play center also features a challenging ring toss game. These kids inflatable Pools are very easy to set up and provides hours of summertime fun.



Inflatable Baby Pools with Canopy

 Intex Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Sea Turtle Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Frog Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Royal Castle Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Jungle Flower Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Mushroom Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Play Day Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out


Inflatable Baby Pools
Did you know that the number of rings can easily tell you how deep the inflatable pool is? One ring, two ring or three rings. Which one is the right size for your baby?

Adult supervision is always necessary with any outdoor or water toy or pool.

 Intex Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Giant Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Intex Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out IntexInflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out Stuffwholesale Inflatable Baby PoolCheck It Out



Save Your Breath
These inflatable air pumps are awesome to have around the house, especially if you have a pool with inflatable toys and floats. Inflate your pool or pool toys without any effort on your part. So save your breath and get a pump, they are so worth it.

 AIRHEAD Inflatable Air PumpCheck It Out Soleaire Inflatable Air PumpCheck It Out Signstek Inflatable Air PumpCheck It Out



Baby Splash Mat

A baby splash mat is a great way to keep your little one cool during the summer months. Splash mats hold a minimum amount of water allowing you to introduce your baby to the wonders of playing in the water.

Baby Splash Mats are a great outdoor toy for anyone who has a a little one. Being able to safely introduce your baby to water gives you piece of mind. They hold just enough water to splash in so your baby will be able to sit and splash without you having to worry about deep water pools. They will love the cool water and vibrant colors that will keep them entertained for hours. Some baby splash mats can hook up to your garden hose to provide gentle sprinkles and sprays that will mesmerize your baby. The sprinkles and sprays will help your baby develop eye and hand coordination as well. What’s better than a toy that baby loves yet allows them to develop their skills.

Parental supervision is always required with any water toy or pool to ensure a safe and happy afternoon with your baby.
 Li’l Squirt Baby Wading PoolCheck It Out

Babies love cooling off in our gentle tide pool, with extra-soft sprayers to splash in and explore. As baby becomes more comfortable in the water, you can make the “fountains” higher (just turn up the pressure of your garden hose). There’s even a pat mat area with floating 3D fish. With fun undersea graphics (tickle a turtle; cover the whales’ blow hole!).





 Earlyears Baby Splash MatCheck It Out Tomy Baby Splash MatCheck It Out Banzai Baby Splash MatCheck It Out Intex Giraffe Baby Splash MatCheck It Out Banzai Baby Splash MatCheck It Out Sprinkle ‘N Splash Baby Splash MatCheck It Out


 Aqua Leisure Baby Splash MatCheck It Out

This baby splash mat allows your baby to safely sit in the built in back rest while being able to play with the stacking rings. Simply fill with water for lots of splashing fun. The baby splash mat easily inflates and is portable so you can use it at the beach or bring along to any family function for a fun time with your baby.




Inflatable Kiddie Pool

An inflatable kiddie pool is the perfect addition to your backyard.  Summer’s here.  It’s hot and your “kiddies’ can have a blast splashing, keeping cool and having fun in this easily set up inflatable pool.

Inflatable kiddie pools are great for younger children that can’t play in a big pool, yet they can still have a ton of fun water time. They are designed just for our little ones. Many come with play centers and slides that keep your children busy and engaged while enjoying a day in the pool. They are are made to be durable and kid proof so they are long lasting and once deflated easy to store for next season using minimal storage space.

As always, adult supervision is required with any outdoor water activity. Check manufacturer age requirements to ensure that your inflatable kiddie pool is age appropriate for your child or children.
 Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Kiddie PoolCheck It Out

The kids will just love this inflatable pool with activity center. Bring all the fun of the swimming pool to your backyard this summer with the Rainbow Ring Play Center.  Built for a water-splashing good time.  This inflatable pool features a small water slide, a wading pool to cool off in, a water sprayer and a ring-toss game.  With all those features, your kiddies will never be bored.



 Intex Dinoland Inflatable Kiddie PoolCheck It Out Intex Fantasy Castle Inflatable Kiddie PoolCheck It Out Banzai Wild Waves Inflatable Kiddie PoolCheck It Out Intex Ocean Inflatable Kiddie PoolCheck It Out Spray ‘N Splash Giraffe Inflatable Kiddie PoolCheck It Out Intex Hippo Play Center Kiddie PoolCheck It Out Intex Mermaid Kingdom Inflatable Kiddie PoolCheck It Out Intex Sun Shade Inflatable kiddie PoolCheck It Out

 AIRHEAD Air Pump 120 voltCheck It Out

Perfect for quick inflation and deflation of towables, pools, air mattresses and beach toys, the Kwik Tek Airhead air pump canister features an accordion-style hose that locks onto the pump and valve fittings, so it won’t disconnect. It will quickly fill your inflatable kiddie pool and any other pool inflatables quickly without you losing your breath. Great to have on hand for a multitude of uses. Uses in-home AC power.




Infant Pool Float

An infant pool float is a fun way to safely introduce your infant to the wonderful world of swimming pools. With these creatively crafted infant floats you can enjoy your back yard or community swimming pool while being able to have your infant or toddler by your side.

Infant pool floats are designed to safely keep your little one floating in any pool. They are designed with a drop seat that has leg openings to securely hold your infant or toddler while they are happily splashing and playing in the water. There are different variations of infant pool floats, some with activity centers to fully engage your child and a removable canopy that will protect your child from the sun.  As with any pool float and children, adult supervision is always necessary to ensure a safe and fun time for all.


 Swimways Infant Pool Float Activity CenterCheck It Out Swim School Infant Pool FloatCheck It Out Aqua LeisureInfant Pool FloatCheck It Out Speedo Kids’ Infant Pool FloatCheck It Out Baby Spring Infant Pool FloatCheck It Out Intex Infant Pool FloatCheck It Out Swimways Infant Pool FloatCheck It Out Swimways Infant Pool FloatCheck It Out SwimWays Mommy & Me Infant Pool FloatCheck It Out



Pool Float Organizers

Do you have a pool? Then you have floats. A Pool Float Organizer is a must have for your backyard.

pool float organizerWhen my boys were little, they had toys and floats and noodles and goggles and swimmies that were laying everywhere, on the lawn, on the deck and in the pool. Eventually, one of a pair would get lost and the other one trashed. I finally bought a beverage bin and punched holes in the bottom so the water would drain out and I would have a place to keep those goggles and water guns and ear plugs and all those small things that go with having a pool and lots of kids.

Now that was one problem solved, what to do with the floats and towels leaning and hanging everywhere?

A Pool Float Organizer is the answer to all those pool floats, towels and any other pool related items. They keep your floats dry when not in use which prolongs the life of your floats, they won’t be sitting in water and wet all day. Your back yard will be free from the clutter of pool floats laying around on the ground and towels hanging on the fence or over the sides of chair or tables or even on the ground.

There are a variety of different pool float organizers that will accommodate your floats as well as being used as a towel rack or even have a compartment to keep those loose items, such as ear plugs or goggles. No more pool “stuff” getting lost. It is great being able to have everything you need for a day in the pool right where you need it and peace of mind knowing that your child have his goggles to go in the pool without having to run out and buy another pair….priceless.

My Favorite

This is my favorite pool float organizer! It has room for everything, your floats, your small stuff and a place to hang those wet towels.

Poolside Organizer

Floating Pool Lights

Colorful floating pool lights can add some wonderful night time ambiance to any night time activity right in your own back yard.

Having a pool is a great way to cool off during the day and even on a hot summer day. Using these awesome and colorful floating pool lights can also let you use your pool during the dark evening hours extending your pool usage. They give some extra light and create an array of bright colors floating in the dark through your back yard.

The Colors Of The Evening

Whether you are having a night time family gathering or a quiet date night with your significant other, sparkling colors can adorn your back yard creating an evening of ambiance that will be sure to amaze and mesmerize your family and friends. The children will absolutely love them as they chase the colors through the night and wonder about the colors in the pool.

Watching the colors bounce off the water or swirling in the air is a sight that just calms and cools the soul creating a tranquil atmosphere for all to behold and a great evening to be had by all.

Floating Pool Lights

Pool Lights come in a variety of styles and colors so that you can choose which is best for you. Many float freely through your pool while others are stabilized around the edge. You can even use some of them in your garden to light a pathway or show case your garden. There are many different options in decorating your back yard with floating pool lights that are not just for the pool.


 Solar Powered Color Changing Floating Pool LightsCheck It Out Solar Powered Color Changing Floating Pool LightsCheck It Out Solar Powered Color Changing Floating Pool LightsCheck It Out Floating LED Pool LightC ubeCheck It Out Set of 12 Floating Pool Light Deco BallsCheck It Out LED Underwater Pool LightsCheck It Out Underwater Pool LightsCheck It Out



Floating Pool Fountains

Floating pool fountains are an awesome addition to any backyard pool or pond. The lights and sound of falling water creates a tranquil getaway from an otherwise busy day. Add in some color and you have a beautiful array of colorful water spray that lights up your pool and backyard.

Floating pool fountains are easy to install in just minutes.  You just attach the hose the hose to your existing pool filter so you won’t be using any additional electricity or you can also use with the built in pump.  Either way it’s easy to install and you will be enjoying the tranquil sound of the pool fountain and the wonderful colors that shine bright at night.  You will be creating a back yard oasis for you, your family and friends to enjoy on a warm summer night.  They are great for any evening or get together with just one or the whole neighborhood.

There are many styles that are available to fit your budget and size of your pool. Many are adjustable from 3 feet to 16 feet and you can even control the number of sprays to create a tiered elegant effect that will amaze your family and friends. Creating a wonderful backyard experience for everyone. They are mesmerizing with the twirling and spinning water and colorful lights sparkling right in your own backyard.

These are just a sampling of what is available to create “that” space in your backyard at a minimal cost with a big effect on your backyard living space.


 Dancing Waters Light & Fountain ShowCheck It Out Rock Formation Floating Fountain 1 Rock ColorCheck It Out Floating Pool FountainCheck It Out Swimline Kaleidoscope Color Changing Pool FountainCheck It Out Nepta Floating Pool FountainCheck It Out Dunnrite Floating Pool FountainCheck It Out