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Thanksgiving Flags

Thanksgiving Flags are a colorful and bright way to celebrate a special holiday as well as welcoming in the new Fall season.

These Thanksgiving Flags will make a statement hanging in the front of your home. Your Thanksgiving Flag will be a welcoming sight for your family and friends as they enter your home for their special meal as well as everyone who comes by your home.


A Thanksgiving Flag requires so little effort yet gives your home the wonderful and vibrant colors of the season. Simply hang your flag in the front of your home for that splash of fall colors that give that feeling of warmth and thanks for the Fall season.

Thanksgiving House Flags are a generous 28 inches by 40 inches and are colored on both sides so that whether you are coming or going you will still have that beautiful view. They are made of durable and fade resistant material so will last year after year and still have the same vibrant colors as the day you bought it.

Decorative Flags are a great way to decorate the front of your home for any holiday or occasion.  There are decorative flags available for every holiday, birthday or occasion and there is surely one that will fit in with outdoor decor.


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Easter Garden Flags

Easter Garden Flags are a colorful and bright way to celebrate a special holiday as well as welcoming in the new Spring season.

Garden Flags are smaller than hanging house flags.  They are usually about 12″ x 18″.  Garden Flags are made of a durable material that are made to with stand the various outdoor elements such as rain, snow, heat and cold.  They are also printed on both sides to show the design from which ever way you view it.  They are just as colorful as outdoor flags but you don’t have to make any adjustments to your.  Simply push the garden flag hanger into the ground and you will be able to display your Easter Garden Flag where ever you want, by the mailbox or in the garden.

These Easter garden flags will make a statement hanging in the front of your home or in your garden. The children will delight in the colorful Bunnies and Easter Eggs blowing in the wind and will be dreaming of the Easter Bunny bringing their basket full of goodies on Easter morning.

Garden Flags require so little effort and yet provide so much color in our outdoor yard decor.
Simply place a garden flag stake by your mailbox or in your garden and ”slip” on your flag. You can easily add in the color of any season by replacing your flag. You can even celebrate a birthday or anniversary with a decorative garden flag. Garden Flags are smaller than house flags measuring about 12 by 18 inches are can be used to add some festive holiday colors in a smaller outdoor space.

These Easter Garden Flags are the perfect addition to celebrate Easter and the Spring Season.

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Garden Charm Flag

These non inflatable Garden Charm flags are absolutely adorable and will be the talk of the neighborhood.  Most of us have garden flags to hang by our mailboxes or in our gardens.  The garden charm flag take garden flags to the next level.  They have a  3D appearance is not found on any garden flag.  They will be getting an extra look for sure, especially with a napping puppy gently swaying in the wind.

A Garden Charm flag is a fun and whimsical way to show off your love for your favorite pet or even your favorite pass time, just lazing in the sun.

Some Garden Charm Flags are partially inflatable and are weighted with beads in key areas to create a plush stuffed animal appearance.  The weight also gives your Garden Charm Flag stability from any strong wind but will also allow them to sway gently.  A gentle rocking motion to keep them comfy and cozy in their sleep.

Garden Charm Flags are easy to display with a standard garden flag holder.  Simply hang each end of the garden charm flag on the flag holder.  You can place anywhere in your yard by simply pushing the holder into the ground or grass..

Sleeping Dachshund Non-Inflatable Garden Charms Flag

This adorable and non-inflatable Sleeping Dachshund garden flag has a beautiful 3-D shape. Soft foam and weighted beads have been meticulously added in key areas for a plush feel and extra wind stability. Made with SunTex polyester fabric with fade-resistant coating and tight satin applique stitching. These will sway gently in the wind.

Non-Inflatable Garden Flag Size: 17″ x 12

 Garden Charm, Puppy Nap Time, 18-Inch Garden Charm, Tree Frog Hammock, 18-Inch Garden Charm, Cockatoo Takes a Nap, 28-Inch Garden Charm, Lady Flamingo, 27-Inch Garden Charm, Cat Nap, 17-1/2-Inch Garden Charm, Monkey in Banana Peel, 18-Inch

Valentine’s Day Flags

Love is in the air, and it’s swaying in the wind with beautiful Valentine’s Day Flags ~ It’s Valentines Day.  Whether it’s a smaller garden flag or larger house flag, Valentine’s day is the day of love that has been celebrated on February 14 for centuries.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated world wide with gifts of candy, flowers and gifts that show your love not only for your wife or husband but your children, friends and family. Even the little ones celebrate Valentine’s Day by bringing their everyone is their class Valentine’s Day Cards, candy and even little pink cupcakes.

Show your love to your special person with these brightly colored, double sided and durable Valentine’s Day Flags.   They will last season after season and will become part of your favorite Valentine’s Day Outdoor Decor.

Valentine’s Day Flags are available in house size and garden size.  There are many coordinated accessories that you can add to give your home that special Valentine’s Day feel.  Combine your Valentine’s Day flag with a magnetic mailbox cover and a doormat to create that effect.


 Be Mine Puppy Valentine’s Day House Flag Valentine Burlap Cupcake House Flag Hearts For Valentine’s Day House Flag Planted Valentine’s Day House Flag Love Valentine’s Day House Flag

And these matching or coordinating Valentine’s Day Flags are a great addition to your Valentine’s Day Outdoor Decor.  Garden Flags are more versatile than house flags.  You can place a garden flag anywhere in your yard.  The most common being right by your mailbox at the curb.  Showing off some love to all the neighbors passing by.  They are also a great addition to in your garden, peeking out from your bushes or flowers.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Flags

Saint Patrick’s Day Flags are a colorful and easy way to decorate and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Everyone is Irish on this fun and festive holiday with clovers and mystical Leprechauns leaping through your yard.

House and Garden Flags are easy to display and add some much needed green during the transition from winter to spring and there’s no better holiday to do than Saint Patrick’s Day Flags to show the luck of the Irish.

These colorful Breeze Art Saint Patrick’s Day Flags are made from a durable polyester and are fade and mildew resistant. They have a softer touch and silkier feel for better drape and movement in the breeze. The beautiful designs are printed on both side of the flag and come in both garden and full size.

Many of these designs are also available in Magnetic Mailbox Covers, Yard Designs® Magnetic Yard Art and MatMatesTM Interchangeable Doormats to coordinate your yard decor.

Saint Patrick’s Day Flags are a great way to celebrate any holiday. These vibrantly colored flags are made from durable uv resistant material that will keep your flags as colorful as the day you bought it year after year.


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Garden Flags are great for outside decorating for any occasion or holiday. Garden Flag stands can be placed anywhere in your yard, by your mailbox, steps or in a flower bed. Made from wrought iron to withstand harsh weather conditions and iron resistant they will last from season to season.

 St. Patrick’s Hat Hurray Garden Flag St Patrick’s Day Irish at Heart Garden Flag Happy St Patrick’s Day Garden Flag Happy Saintt Patrick’s Day Garden Flag Happy St. Patrick’s Day Clovers Garden Flag Hat St. Patrick’s Day Garden Flag Saint Patrick’s Hat Garden Flag Happy St. Patty Cupcake Garden Flag

If you are looking to expand your Saint Patrick’s Day decorating, these coordinated pieces are perfect for you. Available in House Flags, Garden Flags, Doormat, Mailbox Covers and Yard Sign, mix and match and choose your favorites.

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