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Garden Hose Hanger

Have a house? Then you have a garden hose and some of us have more than one hose. Is your hose laying in the bushes or curled up in a ball somewhere in your yard? Tangled? Annoying? These garden hose hangers are the answer for you. It is easy to get that hose up off the ground by just hanging it on a Garden Hose Hanger.
There are many different ways that you can store yourgarden hose that are an attractive addition to your outdoor decor without the unsightly look of a crumpled hose in the bushes. Whether you want to hang the hose on your house, have a free standing garden hose hanger or have a garden hose pot, there is a style that will not only suit your needs but add a distinctive look to your yard.

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Outdoor Bicycle Storage

If you are looking for outdoor bicycle storage, an outdoor bicycle storage shed is perfect for securely storing your bicycle outside. Many bike riders opt to use outdoor storage of their bicycles for a number of reasons. They can compactly store your bicycles without taking precious garage space and they also protect your expensive investment from the outdoor elements such as rain, snow or wind.

Many outdoor bicycle storage units are durable, sturdy and secure to keep your bicycle safe and in pristine condition so it will be ready to go when you are.  Today’s bicycles are equipped with many options that need to be protected to ensure optimal riding.  Seats and handle bars also need to be kept in good condition for a comfortable and safe ride.  Storing your bikes outside in a storage unit will ensure a comfortable ride next time you are out.
 Bosmere Trimetals Outdoor Bicycle Storage

The Trimetals Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed can hold up to 3 adult bikes depending on their size and design. Its clever combination of practicality, ease of use, compact design and high security make it the ideal solution for bicycle storage. Trimetals uses a special PVC-coated maintenance free and fire resistant galvanized steel for the panels of the unit. The spring assisted opening action allows complete and easy access. When closed, the unit is lockable with two padlock points; one on each side of the unit. The unit can also be bolted down from the inside for increased security. Has the height and width to accommodate all types of mountain, racing or standard cycles.




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Garden Tool Organizer

A garden tool organizer is a must have for most people. Whether you own a home, condominium or rent an apartment, there is some type of garden. Keeping your garden tools organized keeps all your gardening needs together making it easy to complete your clean up or maintenance.

Depending on what your needs are, there is a garden tool organizer that will work for you. If you own or rent a home and keep your gardening tools in your garage, there are great garden tools organizer to help keep yourGarage Organized. No more stepping on rakes, looking for that shovel and no more rummaging around looks for those clippers. For those of us who have town homes, condo’s or rent an apartment but love the flowers and colors of the warmer months, the smaller and convenient gardening tool organizers are perfect.

It is important to keep all your gardening necessities neatly organized to keep them all in good working order. No bent prongs, dull clippers or rusty shovels.
 Rubbermaid Deluxe Garden Tool Organizer with Casters

If you have a home that has lots of gardening space, this is the best garden tool organizer. It holds 40 tools and has front clips so that those long handled racks and shovels just pull in and out without lifting them out. There is even space for a weed eater and electrical cords should you need it. You can fit every garden tool in this organizer and it even has casters, so you can roll and go with every garden tool you just might need. When you are done, just roll it back to it’s space in your garage. Made of durable and long lasting material that will not rust or rot and is easy to keep clean with just a spray of your hose.



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Garage Bike Racks

Bicycles , most of us have them. The thing with bicycles is where and how to store them. They can take up precious, much needed space in any garage. These garage bike racks are perfect to store your bicycle, your kids’ bicycles or any bicycle that is in your garage.

Bike Rack For Garage

Reclaim Your Garage

Bike riding is a great recreational sport not only for the whole family but many riders participate in biking events throughout their area. What do you do with all those bikes? While you want to keep them organized and use a less space as possible, you still want to have easy access for you as well as your children.

There are many options that are available to keep your bicycles up and away or “parked”, giving you more floor space and yet still be able to easily grab a bike and go quickly.

Not only do these garage bike racks keep your garage organized, they keep your bicycles in good working condition. No longer are the bikes tangled in a pile, falling over or scratching your car. Storing your bikes correctly in important to keep them from getting scratched or damaged.


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These hanging bike racks for your garage are a great way to get your bikes up and off the floor, freeing up more floor space for your car or other garage worthy items.

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How To Organize Your Garage

What do you see when you open your garage? Is your car in your garage? Is there room for your car? Do you cringe everytime you open the door?  Do you see an organized garage?

Organizing your garage gives you piece of mind and you’ll even be able to find what ever you are looking for. You will even have space to park your car. After all, our homes were built with garages to keep our cars in.

Do you stand in front of your garage and just don’t know where to begin? Plan to take a day and then just dig in. The first thing is to empty the garage. Take everything out making 3 piles, keep, donate or sell and throw out. Go through everything, even the boxes that you have from when you moved and never unpacked. Sort and organize into your “stuff” into the one of the 3 piles.

You should have some bins ready so that you can put your like items together, such as sports equipment that you can put directly into the bins so they are ready to be placed back in your garage. Make sure the bins are somewhat the same size so that you can stack them evenly.

Having an organized garage will make it easy to find anything you need that used to be buried somewhere.


 Commercial Brute Stiorage Tote, 20-Gallon Sterilite Stiorage Tote 30 Quart/28 Liter Ultra Latch Box, 4-Pack Rubbermaid Storage Tote Box, 50-Quart, Pack of 5


And where do I put all those bins, you might ask. we have put in overhead storage that utilizes space that it normally unused. So hoist those bins up on onto an overhead storage area.

 Heavy Duty Overhead Garage Storage Rack Heavy Duty Overhead Garage Adjustable Storage Rack Heavy Duty Overhead Garage Adjustable Storage Rack


If your garage is anything like mine, you’ve got tons of sports “stuff”, between my husband and boys I’ve got fishing, golf, skateboards, balls, bats and bicycles. You name it, it’s in my garage. There are many ways to store your sporting goods.

 Bike Storage Rack, Stores 6 Bikes Heavy Duty Bike Garage Storage Lift Racor Pro Two-Bike Stand JJ International Sports Organizer Suncast Golf Organizer Large Sports Storage Rack Garage Door Fishing Pole Rack Fishing Pole Wall Rack


Tool, Tools and more Tools. Really, how many screwdrivers can you have? My husband has more than I can count. There are many toolboxes and tool storage options surely there is one that can fit your space and budget while keeping your garage organized. That is if everyone puts the tools back where they belong. Peg board is another great option to use wall space to hang your tools and working essentials close at hand to do any project. Keeping your tools organized is a major part of an organized garage. So many little screws and nails and stuff can find a home in a neat and organized canister.

 Tool Chest & Cabinet Rolling Garage Toolbox 41-Inch 12 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet 8 Drawer Tool Box Chest / Storage Cabinet 41-Inch Silver Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo Workbench and Shelving Storage System Wall Control Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer Hardware and Craft Cabinet, Black Steel Storage Rack, 5 Adjustable Shelves


You’ve got rakes, shovels, brooms and the best to keep your garden looking great. Keep your garage looking great and organized with these innovative garden tool organizers. They are also great for brooms and mops that are kept out in the garage. No more trying to figure out where you put that rake, is it stuck in a corner somewhere. Now your gardening project can be completed with everything you could need to garden all in one place, and organized.  And you will have an organized garage.

 Garden Tool Rack with Casters Corner Garden Tool Rack Garage Organizer, 8 Foot, Industrial Quality 8 foot Garden Tool Organizer