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Interlocking Deck Tiles

Interlocking deck tiles can help you easily create a new look for your deck, patio or walkway. They install easily and perfectly connect with just a snap over your existing wood or concrete deck or patio. Interlocking Deck Tiles will make a huge difference in the appearance of your outdoor living area. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to change your outdoor area into a place that looks pristine.




Interlocking deck tiles come in a variety of styles and finishes to complete your outdoor yard decor. They are made for outdoor covering for patios, decks, balconies, porches, walkways, surrounding pools and hot tubs. They are made to withstand the outdoor elements and are uv resistant to keep them looking new year after year. Interlocking Deck Tiles are designed to allow water and dirt to easily drain and provide airflow to keep them looking new.

Quickly build any unique outdoor living space by simply snapping the deck tiles together without using nails, glue, or a hammer. Snapping deck tiles (sometimes referred to as interlocking deck tile) is a do-it-yourself product designed for the average homeowner. It quickly makes a solid hardwood floor on the patio, balcony, next to a pool or spa, or kitchen and bathroom areas in a couple of hours. No hassles of building a deck the conventional way. Most importantly, it is economically reusable – just simply snap and unsnap the deck tiles on one floor and re-snap them on another floor! You can build your floor within a matter of hours – not days – and enjoy it immediately. No glue, no screws, or hammers are needed!

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Hanging Bird Baths

Hanging bird baths provide clean, fresh water whether to drink or bath in and will make your birds happy and healthy and they will keep coming back for more. A hanging birdbath brings the birds up close so you and your family can watch, listen and be entertained. Especially when it’s that time of season when the birds start migrating back from the south. Now is the time to start preparing your yard for their arrival.

What is the best type of bird bath?

This depends on what you are looking for. I like hanging bird baths for a number of reasons. They keep the bird bath up off the ground providing more safety for the birds and hanging your bird bath up in the trees keeps the birds in their natural environment while still being a sight to see.

Your bird bath can range from an elaborate copper, solar heated birdbath to a simple bowl. While the ranges of birdbaths are vast. A few simple things to keep in mind when purchasing or making a birdbath.

Keep it shallow about 3 inches
The bottom should be rough so the birds will not lose their footing
Have a source of fresh water
Be in a safe area away from cats and other animals.

There are two different types of hanging bird baths.
You can purchase a hanging bird bath with the chains and hook attached or purchase a holder and bath separately, either way, they are easy to hang on the nearest branch in the tree. No tree’s no worries, simply use a shepherd’s hook to hang your bird bath.

 Hanging Bird Bath Green, Cedar Hanging Bird Bath, Western Red Hanging Birdbath Feeder Cast Iron Sunrise Hanging Birdbath Hanging Bird Bath, Blue Hanging Bird Bath, Red Hanging Glass Bird Bath Butterfly Hanging Bird Bath Hanging Bird Bath, Green Hanging Birdbath Hanging Ring for Bowls Metal Tree Branch Hook Extra Thick


Outdoor Tree Faces

Outdoor Tree Faces can create a wonderful backyard wonderland with these whimsical and fun “faces” and outdoor creatures that are looking and peeking back at you.

Decorating your outdoors is just as fun as decorating inside your home and there are many different decorating ideas that can help you create a wonderful backyard experience for you and your family.  Not only can you decorate your yard with gardens and flowers and shrubs but you can also decorate your trees with fun tree decorations that will have your guests taking a second look. Fun Squirrels and Monkeys peeking out from behind your back yard trees to Smiley Forest Face, these addition to your back or even front yard trees will keep your neighbors amused.

You can give a gnome a home with a wonderful doorway on your tree, one that even lights up at night to create an illuminated look to your yard and will keep your kids wondering about those little and fun creatures.

Many outdoor tree faces are made with a resin type material that is made to match the bark of the tree so they blend in to create a fun and natural look to any tree.  As well as the cute tree peeker’s that will make any child smile at the animals, creatures and gnomes peeking out from behind any tree in your backyard.  Give a gnome a home with decorated gnome door on your tree, after all every gnome needs a home.

Outdoor tree faces are extremely easy to install with a nail, hook and hammer.  They are specifically made to last season after season and will keep their shape, smiles and vibrant colors.

 Tree Face Bird Feeder Smiley Forest Face Mr. Face Tree Decoration Elf Tree Hugger Outdoor Frog Tree Peeker Gnome Home Door in a Tree


Garden Gazing Balls

There is something magical about garden gazing balls in your garden or as a focal point anywhere in your yard. The way the light dances and darts off them mesmerizes the onlookersm, especially children. Gazing balls have been believed as a way to ward off evil spirits and become one with the universe for centuries.

Gazing Globes or Gazing Balls were mouth blown glass orbs and graced many in homes in the English countryside in the early 13th century. They have certainly come a long way since then. Now they are made in many different materials and finishes. However they are made, they still hold the same mesmerizing meaning and decorative characteristics.

Many believed, and still do, that Garden Gazing Balls hold many mystical powers and unite you and the universe as one. In some legends they were thought to ward off bad things like evil spirits, attackers, witches and event ghosts. Gazing Balls were placed by the front door and if a witch or ghost saw their reflection, they would be scared away by their own reflection. They were also called “Butler Balls”, the home’s servants could see the reflection of important guests arriving to see if they needed help.

Garden Gazing Balls now come in all different forms and looks, and colors. They can be mounted on various stands or platforms to fit in with outdoor decor. They can also be simply placed on a table or even on the ground. No matter what kind of gazing globe you choose for your garden or outdoor decor, it will certainly become a magical and colorful addition.



 Silver Stainless Steel Gazing Globe Glass Garden Gazing Ball Ocean Mist Glass Gazing Globe Mosaic Glass Gazing Ball Illuminarie Gazing Globe Red Stainless Steel Gazing Globe Red Gazing Ball Mosaic Glass Gazing Ball

Garden Leaf Scoops

Leaf Scoops are one of “those” things that are a must have in your arsenal of gardening tools. They are a wonderful gadget that you can use year round.  They are awesome for picking up anything with out the fuss and muss.

Easily and quickly pick up not only leaves but any debris and mess that is in your back yard or garden.  You won’t be getting your hands dirty or cut when you use them.  The ergonomic design easily slips on your hands or held by handles so you can comfortably work picking up the leaves.  The large scoops allow you to pick up leaves, garbage, needles and twigs without getting cut or stung by sharp needles.  The pressure of holding of the scoops together keeps the mess in the closed area of the scoop so you can pick up more. They also make it so much easier to get those leaves and debris in your garbage pail or bag as well.  Scoop and drop, there you go.  They are also great for spreading mulch or compost around your garden. Leaf Scoops are a multi purpose tool that is a must have for every gardening chore.

 Releaf Leaf Scoops Ergonomic Large Hand Held Rakes Fast Leaf and Lawn Grass Removal Tools Perfect Trash Loaders. Get The Best Grabbers Today

These Multipurpose Giant Hands Are Ideal For Picking Up Leaves, Needles, Plant Trimmings, Trash and Sharp Items. Recycling And Composting? These Leaf Scoops Are Excellent For Transporting And Spreading Compost And Mulch. Sized Perfectly To Fit All Yard bags And Trash Cans, The CLOSED SCOOP DESIGN Keeps Small Items From Slipping Out. Use One As A Rake To Gather Stray Leaves To Stack For Easy Bagging Or Mulching. These Really Are The Extra Pair Of Hands You have Been Looking For. Robust Design – Easy Hang, Stackable Storage



Tiered Water Fountains

There is nothing better than to sit outside with Tiered Water Fountains. The soothing sounds of running water and the soft glow of light brings a calmness and peacefulness to your outdoor environment. Your family and friends will be drawn to your home environment to get that much needed Zen.

A tiered water fountain is a wonderful addition to your backyard or any outdoor decor. They will be the focal point and centerpiece of your outdoor landscaping whether they are on your front lawn or in your backyard.  They will create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility to are sure to enhance any outdoor experience.

Made of lightweight resin that is weather resistant, your tiered water fountain will maintain it’s luster and color and will last for years to come. The lightweight resin makes it easy to install, move or operate your fountain. The LED lighting will create a soft glow for the perfect ambiance in your backyard.

 LED Lighted Urn and Rock Tiered Backyard Fountain LED Lighted White Sand Bowl Tiered Water Fountain LED Lighted Rock Outdoor Water Fountain: LED Lighted Tiered Rock Water Fountain LED Lighted Woodland Tiered Water Fountain

These Zen designed tiered water fountains are perfect for creating a relaxing and calm environment in your backyard.

 Zen Tiered Pots Fountain with LED Light Tiered Copper Leaves Indoor Outdoor Fountain Tiered Metal Flower Water Fountain Asian Garden Tiered Fountain with LED Light Raining Tiered Water Fountain With Planterr

Installing Walkway Stepping Stones

Walkway Stepping Stones are a creative and decorative way to add a walkway either in the front or back of your home. The designs are unique and functional creating a magical path way for your family and friends leading to your home.

 River Rock Stepping Stones, set of 3

I particularly like the smooth natural multi colored river rock walkway stepping stones. They give a back to nature look that is sure to enhance any area that you put them in. These zen type stepping stones are kept together by a pvc backing so they will keep their shape even when frequently used. No river rocks spreading all over your garden. The backing allows spaces so that soil will fill in between the rocks creating an even more natural look. They can be laid over grass, sand, mud, even wet areas and still maintain their durability and beauty. Comes in a set of 3 and are available in a variety of different shapes.

Many glow in the dark so at night your stepping stones will illuminate your pathway and give off soft light so making their way to your door is safe and easy.

Walkway Stepping Stones are easy to install.  It is an easy process that requires just a few steps to creating a new stepping stone walkway in your outdoor yard.

  1. Decide where you want your walkway and whether it will be curved or straight. Start by marking your walkway by using rope or 2 garden hoses.
  2. Lay the walkway stepping stones within your markings and adjust as needed. A step is about 18 inches so pace the stones so that each stepping stone is about 18 inches from the center from each stone.
  3. Dig around the stones straight down the a straight edge shovel.
  4. Remove the stepping stone and dig out a the soil and fill each hole with about an inch of stand. Taking into consideration the thickness of each stepping stone, the stepping stone should sit about an inch above the ground after you have added the sand.
  5. Pour about an inch of sand into the hole and level the bottom of the hole, so that the stone will lay flat.
  6. Place the stone into the hole.
  7. Make sure that your stepping stone is somewhat level. Push on the stepping stone to make sure it does not move. You can add or remove sand to accomplish this.
  8. Once the walkway stepping stones are level, fill in the area around the stepping stone with soil and tamp it firmly.
  9. Make sure that the walkway stepping stones are about the same height by laying a board across a few stones and using the level.
  10. Once all stepping stones are completed sweep each stepping stone so that each is clean.

 Sun Walkway Stepping Stone-Glow In The Dark Sun Ring Walkway Stepping Stone Memories Walkway Stepping Stone Pet Walkway Stepping Stone Dragonfly Glow Walkway Stepping Stone Butterfly Walkway Stepping Stone Friendship Walkway Stepping Stone Mother Walkway Stepping Stone

Decorative Downspout Covers

Downspout covers are a necessity for every home and although your home undoubtedly comes with them, you know those plain white ones. Why not make them an accent in decorating your yard.

Not only do these downspout covers change the landscape of your yard, they perform an important function of home maintenance by keeping water funneled away from the foundation of your home. Any standing water at the foundation of any home can cause costly damage to your home. It’s important to monitor the outside perimeter of your home to make sure there are no holes or gaps by the foundation that could cause puddles or standing water.  These downspout covers extend the water flow out and away from the foundation of your home.

Decorative Downspout Covers

Decorative Downspout Covers can come in a variety of styles that are designed to mimic the outdoor elements. They are made of a poly resin material or cement that is made specifically to with stand the outdoor elements of cold, heat, wind, rain and snow. They will remain looking new year after year.

 Leap Frog Decorative Downspout CoverCheck It Out Pretty Bird Decorative DownspoutCheck It Out Stormy the Gnome Downspout CoverCheck It Out Gnomes on a Mushroom Downspout CoverCheck It Out Three Bears Downspout Cover – Rustic DecorCheck It Out Drips the Turtle Downspout CoverCheck It Out Jolly The Squirrel Downspout CoverCheck It Out Raider The Raccoon Downspout CoverCheck It Out


Solar Powered Walkway Lights

Solar Powered Walkway Lights are a wonderful way to illuminate your walkway.  They light up a dark area in your yard, walkway or just decorate your garden area with some colorful lights.

Solar powered walkway lights are easy to install and even easier to maintain. You don’t have to worry about having an extension cord to power your lights. The rechargeable battery is charged by the sun and can’t be any easier than that. With the ease of solar power the decorating and lighting possibilities in your yard are endless.

Solar Walkway Lights are a great way to easily illuminate your walkway and using the newer LED lights provides a brighter and more direct light. They provide a lighted walkway to help your family and friends find their way safely to your front door without you having to worry about them tripping over an extension cord, rock or any other item that may have found it’s way on to your walkway.  There are many different styles and finishes available for illuminating your walkways from a simplistic design to an artistic flair and there is a style that will fit in with your outdoor yard decor and compliment your outdoor decor.  These lights can be used year round and are especially effective during those long winter months when the sun goes down early and nights are longer and you need some additional light on your walkway.

You can get the best of both worlds with a bug zapper and solar powered garden lights combined in one. These are great for not only lighting your walkway but will keep all the bugs away from your guests as they make their way on your lighted walkway to your front door.


Moonrays 91755 Alena-Style 4-Pack Premium Output Solar Powered Metal LED Path Light, Stainless Steel

Rolling Garden Carts

Rolling garden carts are a handy piece of equipment to add to your gardening or landscaping arsenal.

Whether it’s a small job or a total yard clean up, a rolling garden cart is one of the most helpful garden tools you will have around. You’ll be wondering how you did everything in your yard with out having a rolling garden cart.

There are many types of Rolling Garden Carts that will suit your needs. I particularly like the ones that have a space for everything, the leaf bag, your gardening tools and a shelf to hold those beautiful flowers you want to plant and even a seat so you can be comfortable and that folds up when not in use. Being able to easily roll your cart with you where ever you go in your yard is such a bonus.  You will have all your gardening needs in one place and they are easily accessible in their own place on your rolling garden cart.

These carts make your garden a lot easier by having all everything together and not having to make multiple trips to get what you need.  You will find that they make your gardening a pleasure.  They also make clean up easy and are easy to store.  Keep all your gardening tools in one place on your cart and it will always be ready to go when you are with what you need.

Carry All Cart Set, Lawn Cart, 2

Roll everything you need right into the garden with the stocked Carry-All Gardening Cart.
The Carry-All Gardening Cart helps you cut down on trips to the garden, so you spend less time in the garage and more time among your plants. This lawn cart set includes a garden rocker for comfortable seating while you work and a kneeler pad for getting down to dirt level. The Carry-All Gardening Cart also includes 4 comfort-grip tools. Everything is housed in a handy, durable rolling cart with a lift plate that supports up to 100 lbs. Made in USA.