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Christmas Porch Light Covers

These wonderfully decorated Christmas Porch Light Covers are easy to install and create an impressive scene on your front porch. They can be even be put on your garage door lights or back deck lights. Being able to decorate your lights gives you even more area to create your winter wonderland right on your own front porch. Frosty is getting ready to give a glow to the kids on the block from your front porch.  And Santa is a welcoming sight for all as he brightly lights up the front of your home.  These Christmas Porch Light Covers are bright enough to be seen by all that pass by and will put a smile on all that do.


With a flip of a switch it’s not just those white lights, you can choose a Christmas Porch Light Cover that will depict your favorite Christmas character. So your flipping of a switch will light up a smiling Snowman or Santa.

They are extremely easy to install. You simply slip the attached straps of the porch light cover over your existing light, no electric, screws or hardware or even tools are required. So easy to use and yet such an effective impact on your porch for Christmas.
Santa Porch Light CoverSanta Porch Light CoverView Now

Making spirits bright and decorating a breeze, this Santa porch light cover attaches to any outdoor porch light in seconds creating a fun, festive glow Designed for outdoor durability in colorful textured plastic, the outdoor light cover secures easily with its own elastic strap … transforming a porch light into holiday display without wiring, assembly or fuss. 12 1/2″ long x 10″ wide x 4″ high.


Snowman Porch Light CoverSnowman Porch Light CoverView Now

Greet family and friends with a glowing welcome from this frosty fellow. Loop the cord over your outdoor porch light and let this smiling snowman’s personality shine through. Crafted of acrylic with a crystalized texture that looks like snow. 9 1/4″W x 12″H.




Battery Operated String Lights

Battery Operated String Lights are great for decorating for any holiday or occasion. Don’t have an outlet? Have too many lights to plug in? Need flexibility for lighting in a dark corner?

Battery Operated String Lights gives you the flexibility to decorate to your heart’s content without the restriction of a power outlet.  No extension cords to hide somewhere in that beautiful scene you are trying to create. Most lights are for indoor and outdoor use, which can expand your lighting decor to outside as well. They are also great for inside decorating throughout your home.

Battery Operated String Lights are available in different colors, sizes, lengths and the newer LED string lights that can light up any decor and decoration that you are trying to create.

The longer length battery operated string lights make decorating much easier by being able to cover more space with a single strand of lights.

Many light strands have options that include indoor/outdoor, multi-function, flashing.  Some include a timer so that your lights will shut off automatically while you sleep.

You wouldn’t even know these string lights are battery operated. They look just like a regular set of string lights, but will definitely save on that electric bill. Functionality and practability are the name of the decorating game.

 White Waterproof Battery Operated String LightsCheck It Out Red Waterproof Battery Operated String LightsCheck It Out Green Waterproof Battery Operated String LightsCheck It Out Multi Waterproof Battery Operated String LightsCheck It Out


 Battery Operated LED String Lights Warm WhiteView Now Battery Operated LED String Lights WhiteView Now Battery Operated LED String Lights RedView Now Battery Operated LED String Lights GreenView Now Battery Operated LED String Lights MultiView Now Battery Operated LED String Lights BlueView Now Battery Operated LED String Lights PurpleView Now Battery Operated LED String Lights WhiteView Now


Falling Snow Christmas Lights

There is something magical about falling snow and these falling snow Christmas lights can create that magical feeling even with or with out the falling snow.

These lights recreate the look of falling snow any where you place them. They are made with super bright LED lights in a durable tube that keeps them in sync creating that special falling now affect.


 Blue Falling Rain LightsCheck It On Amazon

Grab your umbrella’s, the snow is coming. You won’t need an umbrella with these falling snow Christmas Lights. They give the appearance of snow silently falling on the landscape and give you that magical feeling of cold winter day yet the snow will stay in the sky. They are made specifically to create a falling snow or rain effect on your front lawn or home and will be the back drop of your Outdoor Christmas decorating.
These creative lights can be used just about anywhere, your porch, tree, window or hanging from your roof. You can even use them inside your home to have some “snow” falling around your Christmas Tree.

Bright individual LED lights are used inside a clear tube and are synchronized to create the falling snow illusion. They are water proof and weather resistant to withstand the outdoor elements and last for years to come. They are available in a variety of colors to match your outdoor decorating decor.





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Safety First 
When using any outdoor lighting it is important that you use extension cords and accessories that are made specifically for outdoor use. Make sure that all outdoor extension cords and lights are secured if they cross a walkway and are connected with a waterproof connector.

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Christmas Garage Door Decorations

With Christmas Garage Door Decorations, you will be the talk of the neighborhood. These Garage Door Decorations are full garage size murals that are stunning works of art that can easily be put up in just a few minutes but will have an amazing affect.  These amazingly colorful Christmas Garage Door Decorations can be hung on just about any size, single or double. garage door to transform your otherwise empty space into a wonderful Christmas display. The many designs make it easy to find the perfect garage door cover for your home. The neighborhood kids will delight in seeing Santa working in your garage getting ready to deliver all the Christmas goodies.  Christmas Garage Door Decorations are available for both double and single garage doors.

 Red Ornaments in Snow Outdoor Christmas Garage Door Décor 7’x16′

Brighten up everyone’s holidays with the Ornaments in the Snow Garage Door Décor. Fits Standard 7’x16′ Garage Door. Flat or Paneled Garage Doors. Garage Door Decor is a Holiday Decoration that you hang on your garage door in a matter of just a few minutes. The Garage Door Decor makes it appear to people passing by that the garage door is open and you have a fun Holiday scene in your garage. Garage Door Decor is designed to work on standard roll up doors and flat doors. All Garage Door Decors are made of the highest quality materials and construction for many, many years of enjoyment. The Garage Door Decor comes to you in a reusable storage box and ready to hang on your door. The hardware we have developed allows you to hang the Garage Door Decor in a matter of just a few minutes and you are able to use your garage door as you normally would. There is nothing attached directly to the door (tapes, screws, etc.).





Wreath Hangers

Wreaths are ones of those decorations that just about everyone has hanging on their front door.  They are an easy and colorful way to decorate for any season or holiday.  Every wreath needs a hanger to hold it in place to shine in it’s splendor.

There are many different varieties of wreath hangers so no matter where you want to hang your wreath, there is a hanger that will fit your needs.  These specially made wreath hangers are designed to securely hang your wreath without damaging or scratching any existing door or window whether your door is metal or wood.

If you have a metal door a magnetic wreath hanger may just be the thing for you.  Just make sure it is strong enough to hold your wreath in place, especially in windy weather.

One of the easiest ways to hang your wreath is with an over the door wreath hanger. There are different styles of over the door wreath hangers and they are the most effective and popular.  They simply slip over the top of any door without having to use and hardware such as screws or nails and will not damage your door.  Wreath hangers are made to fit over any standard size door.

Every door needs a wreath on Christmas and these wreath hangers are made to hang that beautiful wreath on your front door. There are many different styles of wreath hangers.  They are also available in different finishes to match your home’s decor and style.  From a simple over the door wreath hanger to an elaborate work of art, there is a that special wreath hanger that that will accentuate the color and beauty of your home.

 Lighted Candlestick Wreath Hanger Metal Scroll Wreath Hanger Scroll Wreath Hanger Adjustable Wreath Hanger Magnetic Wreath Hanger, White Magnetic Hanger Rubbed Bronze

Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes

Who didn’t love a Snow Globe as a child? Even as adults aren’t Snow Globes just mesmerizing to look at?  Having Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes creates that child like feeling as we watch the snow falling right on our own front lawn.

Having an Inflatable Snow Globe on your front lawn is a wonderful Christmas Decoration to add to your outdoor decorating. It will be the talk of the neighborhood with all the kids gathering around to watch the snow swirling and spinning around Santa or his friends even Frosty makes an appearance.

Snow Globes are a time honored tradition that goes back to 1900 and was created by accident and they are still as popular today. These magical pieces are collected word wide and now you can have your very own Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globe right on your front lawn.

Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes are very easy to set up.  All outdoor inflatables come with a “blower” that is attached to Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes that keep them continually inflated and keeping that snow falling.  They are also equipped with tethers that keep your outdoor inflatable in place and prevents it from falling over or blowing away in the wind.  Once it is time to take it down, simply deflate, fold and store away for the next season.  Outdoor inflatable are easy to store in their original box and take up little room in your storage area or garage.

Creating a fun and memorable scene with this eye catching and magical decoration is easy to create. Just plug it in, stake it down and watch the snow globe light up with the magical snow beginning in a few seconds delighting adults and kids alike.


 Christmas Snow Family Inflatable Snow Globe ChristmasSanta Inflatable Snow Globe Frozen Olaf Inflatable Snow Globe Christmas Bubble Inflatable Snow Globe Christmas Santa Inflatable Snow Globe

Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Using outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations to decorate your yard this year for Christmas can help you create a winter wonderland of special characters that will delight the neighbor children, family and friends.

These unique and fun Christmas Inflatable stand tall in your yard to welcome your family and friends to your home.  Their huge presence comes at a small price.

Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Using outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations is a fun and easy way to decorate your yard. They are amazingly easy to set up. All inflatable decorations come with a nozzle and air blower, just attached the nozzle and watch your decoration self inflate in minutes and watching your children witness them inflating is priceless.

One of the best things about inflatable decorations is the set up and storage, as easy as they are to inflate they are just as easy to deflate. They are wonderful for storage, especially if you are short on storage space. They deflate flat and take up little room in your garage or storage area.  They are made with a durable material that will last Christmas after Christmas and are uv resistant to retain their vibrant colors and shape.

They create an additional way to light up and showcase your yard with the theme you choose for your outdoor Christmas Decorating.


 Airblown Inflatable Outdoor Christmas Characters – 4ft Tall (Santa) Home Accents Holiday 6.5 ft. Inflatable Airblown Santa Hanging from Roof Star Wars Yoda Lighted Airblown Inflatable Father Christmas Santa Disney Frozen Olaf 6 Foot Christmas Airblown Inflatable Blow Up Yard Decoration 4 Foot Long Lighted Christmas Inflatable Three Dogs Yard Art Decoration Disney Star Wars R2D2 with Santa Hat 4.5 Foot Christmas Airblown Inflatable CHRISTMAS INFLATABLE MINION STUART & KEVIN BUILDING SNOWMAN BY GEMMY 6 Foot Long Christmas Inflatable Penguins Fishing on Polar Bear Decoration

Hanging Wreaths In Outside Windows

window wreathsOne way to decorating your windows for Christmas is to hanging Wreaths in outside windows.  It’s a clean and classy look and can be surprisingly easy to do with these tips.

Before purchasing anything measure your windows and then measure again.  The worst thing is buy everything and start hanging your wreaths only to find out that you’ve gotten the wrong size.

There are a couple of different options to hanging Wreaths in outside windows, outdoor suction cups, magnetic wreath holders or by using ribbon.  Decide which method you would like to use.  Outdoor suction cups adhere to window and have a hook to hang your wreath, Magnetic Wreath Holders are actually 2 pieces of magnetic that are strong enough to attach through the glass with a hook on the “outside” part and outside ribbon can easily be used to create a different look.

All methods require that you measure and measure again where you want your wreath to hang to have the correct placement of your wreath.  Nothing more annoying than having one wreath hanging lower than the others.  What ever method you choose will require that you open your windows to attach any wreath hanger.

Suction cups and magnetic wreath holders can be easily placed, remember to measure how far down you place your magnet or suction cup so that all your wreaths hang at the same level.

Using a ribbon to hanging Wreaths in outside windows creates an even more interesting look.  Again you will need to open your windows, measure the ribbon to bring the wreath down to the desired level.  There are a couple of different ways to attach the ribbon to the wreath.  You can either run the ribbon through the wreath and bring both ends together or hot glue one end around the wire part of the wreath.  Either way works, I would not recommend staples as they cawreath ribbon knotn fray the ribbon.  Once your wreath is in place, simply bring the ribbon inside through the window and close it.  You will need to secure the ribbon inside to make sure it doesn’t “slip” outside.  This can be easily done by typing a knot in the section of the ribbon that you will inside your home.  You can also use a thumb tack or push pin to secure the wreath if yo have wooden frames.  Always use ribbon specifically made for the outdoors so that it will last season after season.

If you live in an area that is windy, you may want to secure the bottom of the wreath as well.  Secure your wreath through the bottom window either with ribbon or fishing line for a more finished look

Always remember, safety first, don’t hang out of the window!

 Magnetic Wreath Hanger Magnetic Hook with Decor Hook Black Suction Cups Wreath Hangers



Decorating With Christmas Lights Outside

Outdoor Christmas Lights

End The Extension Cord Nightmare For Decorating Outside With Christmas Lights

Yep, end that nightmare.  All you need are the right extension cords to do your Decorating Outside With Christmas Lights and you will be looking forward to decorating for Christmas again next year.

I remember decorating with my mom and using these little clip on outlets for the extension cords and wrapping every connection in plastic wraps and little baggies…wow we’ve come a long way! There are some many different types and styles there is surely one that will help you connect to light up your lawn, windows and roof.

Let’s Start Outlining The Extension Cords

I have several 25 foot electrial cords that have 3 outlets on the end that I run from the outside outlets of my house into my yard. It brings the electric out to where you need it. Do not use inside outlets and close the window on the cord…big no no.

I also use 25 foot ones that have 3 two outlet that are spaced throughout the extension cord. Which makes it easier to space out my lawn ornaments. I love my Christmas extension cords and everyone in my home knows they are off limits. I store all my cords in a bin in my garage marked “Christmas Extension Cords”. No one is allowed to touch them.

Let There Be Light

I use green extension cords as they can easily blend into landscape. They come in different colors and sizes, choose the one that best suits your needs. Make sure that any any one you use is made specifically for outdoor use.

Stake It And Time It

A great way to connect net lights in your garden is to use a multi outlet stake. You can easily connect your lights through the stake. The stake can plug directly into your outside outlet or through the multi-outlet extension cord. Most stakes come with waterproof covers which eliviate those plastic bags.

Most multi outlet stakes now come with timers or remotes that allow you to turn off your lights at night. Two in One….just makes your decorating that much easier.

So What’s In Your Yard

By using these great extension cords, I’m able to have the brightest house on the block during Christmas. Every year I have to promise my dear husband that I won’t buy any more Christmas lights or decorations! Somehow I always find one that I just have to have. Here’s my list….6-6 foot Christmas Trees-I have spirals and twigs, just love the twigs, 2-4 foot Christmas Trees, 36 mini Christmas Trees, 4 Deer, 4 Pandas, 18 lighted Candy Canes, 16 lighted stake globes, 18 Presents and I know I’m leaving something out…And that’s not including all the lights I put on the trees, bushes, fence and deck. My husband does the icicle lights on the house and has to leave before he has a melt down. Did I mention my electric bill???? The new LED lights are great…my mission is to replace all my lights with LED

..but then again I promised.

So What’s In Your Yard?

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