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Garden Hose Hanger

Have a house? Then you have a garden hose and some of us have more than one hose. Is your hose laying in the bushes or curled up in a ball somewhere in your yard? Tangled? Annoying? These garden hose hangers are the answer for you. It is easy to get that hose up off the ground by just hanging it on a Garden Hose Hanger.
There are many different ways that you can store yourgarden hose that are an attractive addition to your outdoor decor without the unsightly look of a crumpled hose in the bushes. Whether you want to hang the hose on your house, have a free standing garden hose hanger or have a garden hose pot, there is a style that will not only suit your needs but add a distinctive look to your yard.

 Decorative Hose Holder Cylinder Hose Holder Copper Hose Pot Garden Hose Hanger Garden Hose Hanger Garden Hose Hanger Garden Hose Stand Garden Hose Stand Garden Hose Reel


Ergonomic Gardening Tools

Ergonomic garden tools are designed to take the stress off our wrists, hands, legs and backs reducing injuries and making gardening a more enjoyable hobby.

One of the most favorite hobbies is gardening. Spring is in the air and we can’t wait to get out and start digging and planting in the soil. As much as we love gardening, the constant bending and digging and pushing can take a toll on our bodies and we can definitely strain and stress our bodies.

The new designs of ergonomically correct gardening tools keep your wrist in a natural and safe position and this causes your larger muscles of the arm to do the work. The same holds true for larger ergonomic shovels and rakes, using larger muscles to reduce the strain on your back and legs. These newly designed gardening tools are also made of a durable and light weight material making them easier to lift and use.
 Radius Garden 5-Piece Blue Ergonomic Gardening Tools

Radius Garden Natural Radius Grip garden tools were designed using the most current research into human factors and tool usage. The Natural Grip maximizes your power and comfort while minimizing hand and wrist stress. The curve of the grip matches the curve of the palm of your hand. This allows you to hold the tools with your wrist in a safe, neutral position at all angles of attack. The large grips on Radius tools allow you to hold the tool securely without exerting pressure and wasting your energy. The tools are lighter weight yet have equal or greater strength than traditional garden tools. The advanced ergonomic design should make gardening easier and more enjoyable.



These wonderfully designed garden tools can be purchased in sets or separately and in a variety of styles and colors.

 Radius Green Ergonomic Gardening Hand Tool Set Miracle-Gro Ergonomic Gardening Hand Tool Set Vremi Ergonomic Gardening Hand Tool Set Garden Perfect Ergonomic Gardening Hand Tool Set Ergonomic Garden Hand Trowel Corona Ergonomic Weeder Radius Ergonomic Hand Weeder HIG Ergonomic Gardening Pruners Radius GErgonomic Gardening Pruners Steel Ergonomic Gardening Pruners


Ergonomic rakes and shovels are important to use to save the stress of heavy lifting and bending on your back and legs.

 Ergonomic Steel Edger Ergonomic Steel Shovel Ergonomic Rubber Handle Ergonomic Round Point Shovel Ergonomic Pickup Rake with Telescopic Handle



Victorian Birdhouses

A Victorian Birdhouse is not only a welcoming place for the neighborhood birds but also a work of art in your backyard. They are a detailed version of many Victorian style homes that are in many neighborhoods and make a wonderful home for nesting birds.

Victorian birdhouses provide a stunning shelter for the local area birds. Victorian Birdhouses protect the birds  from the elements of weather giving them a place to retreat during inclement or hot weather. They provide a nesting area for moms and their young keeping them safe and secure. Having these wonderful flying creatures in your yard will create a serene atmosphere while you can view their flying antics around your yard.

Victorian Birdhouses can either be mounted on a post or in a tree. Wherever you mount it make sure that it is in a safe quiet location that protects the birds from cats and other wildlife. Many birdhouses also have a roof or overhang to protect them from rain and cats. It is important that birdhouses have ventilation and fresh air and an adequate size hole so that the birds can easily come and go without squeezing through the hole, typically 1/4 inch larger than the bird. Easy access by a hinged roof or removable back is equally important to keep the birdhouse clean.

 Home Bazaar Victorian Manor Birdhouse

There is nothing modest about this Avian Victorian Mansion. Topped with pine shingles and patterned from our best selling Manor Birdhouse (HB-2014), this style has intricate details including window box trim, miniature birdhouses and multiple roof lines. Comes with a removable back wall for easy cleaning.



Large or small, for one or for all, there is a perfect size, shape and design of a beautifully decorated and functional Victoria Birdhouse that is the perfect addition to your outdoor decor.

 Victorian BirdHouse With Thatch Roof Victorian Cottage Birdhouse, Yellow Flower Pot Victorian Cottage Birdhouse Home Bazaar Trellis Cottage Birdhouse Victorian Birdhouse Verdugo Victorian BirdHouse Home Bazaar Victorian Birdhouse Large Victorian Birdhouse


Squirrel Feeders

Squirrel Feeders are designed specifically for feeding squirrels.  They keep the squirrels busy eating their own food in their feeder so they will not be looking for the bird food you have put out for the birds. Many squirrel feeders are designed to be able to watch the squirrel eat the food in enclosed feeding stations with open viewing spaces. And they are a wonderful sight to be seen eating their nuts and squirreling them away for a winter’s day.

Squirrels can be playful litter critters, the squirrels in my yard run along my fence teasing my dogs as they chase them. As much fun as they are to watch, we strive to keep them out of the bird’s feeding areas. Giving the squirrels their own source of food will prevent them from getting into any bird feeders and they’ll leave the seed alone.  Many squirrel feeders are designed with tops that require the squirrel work for his food by learning to lift the top which they quickly learn to do.  Squirrel feeders are built to be sturdy, keep the finish like new  and to with stand the outdoor elements your squirrel feeders will last for many years of watching the little critters scurry up for their next meal.

Squirrel feeders ideally should be placed away from any bird feeders that you may have in your yard. They should be securely attached to any tree or post which any squirrel can scurry up. They should  put up in an area that can be protected from outdoor elements such as rain or hot sun so that the squirrels are protected while eating.


 Woodlink Squirrel Feeder Metal Squirrel Feeder Stokes Squirrel Lunch Box Woodlink Squirrel Munch Box Woodlink Squirrel Feeder Box Woodlink Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder Woodlink Squirrel Feeder Woodlink Squirrel Single Ear Corn Holder


Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable Hot Tubs give you an array of options for your back yard.  What’s more fun and relaxing than a bubbling hot tub in your back yard with your friends.  Inflatable hot tubs are a wonderful way to enjoy a day with your family and friends.  With an inflatable hot tub you don’t need to go through the expensive process of having one installed.  They are also more cost effective than a traditional hot tub.

You can easily set it up on your deck or anywhere in your yard without have the hassle of having to redo your deck or make a “place” for your hot tub. All you need is a hose and extension cord and you are set to go.  They are so easy to set up and you will be relaxing in a warm, bubbly stream of water in no time.  They are also portable so the family and friends will be calling on you to bring your Inflatable Hot Tub to the next family event.  Inflatable hot tubs can be inflated any where you go and just as quick as it is to inflate, it is to deflate.  Once deflated they are easy to store as well.  Inflatable Hot Tubs do not have the maintenance costs as do traditional hot tubs so you’ll be saving time, money and effort.

 Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Now you can pamper yourself in relaxing heated water surrounded by soothing bubble jets right in your own backyard.
Relax with these hot features: Lay-Z-Massage System, Rapid Heating System, Integrated Water Filtration. The outer walls of the inflatable pool are made from fabric coated material for a soft and comfortable feel with a cushioned floor. The hot tub cover has an aluminum foil coating to keep water extra warm. The convenient drain valve makes it easy to empty and store.

Garden Leaf Scoops

Leaf Scoops are one of “those” things that are a must have in your arsenal of gardening tools. They are a wonderful gadget that you can use year round.  They are awesome for picking up anything with out the fuss and muss.

Easily and quickly pick up not only leaves but any debris and mess that is in your back yard or garden.  You won’t be getting your hands dirty or cut when you use them.  The ergonomic design easily slips on your hands or held by handles so you can comfortably work picking up the leaves.  The large scoops allow you to pick up leaves, garbage, needles and twigs without getting cut or stung by sharp needles.  The pressure of holding of the scoops together keeps the mess in the closed area of the scoop so you can pick up more. They also make it so much easier to get those leaves and debris in your garbage pail or bag as well.  Scoop and drop, there you go.  They are also great for spreading mulch or compost around your garden. Leaf Scoops are a multi purpose tool that is a must have for every gardening chore.

 Releaf Leaf Scoops Ergonomic Large Hand Held Rakes Fast Leaf and Lawn Grass Removal Tools Perfect Trash Loaders. Get The Best Grabbers Today

These Multipurpose Giant Hands Are Ideal For Picking Up Leaves, Needles, Plant Trimmings, Trash and Sharp Items. Recycling And Composting? These Leaf Scoops Are Excellent For Transporting And Spreading Compost And Mulch. Sized Perfectly To Fit All Yard bags And Trash Cans, The CLOSED SCOOP DESIGN Keeps Small Items From Slipping Out. Use One As A Rake To Gather Stray Leaves To Stack For Easy Bagging Or Mulching. These Really Are The Extra Pair Of Hands You have Been Looking For. Robust Design – Easy Hang, Stackable Storage



Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters

Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters are a great way to keep your guests warm and cozy on a chilly night while they are relaxing on your patio or outside deck.

So classy yet so functional and what a great addition  a Outdoor Propane Patio Heater is to your next gathering. They can be used year round on any chilly night to give some much needed warmth for your family and friends. The warm glow with also add a cozy atmosphere and just enough light on a dark night. Propane Patio heaters are used similarly to your propane bbq grill. All you need is a propane tank and you’ll have heat in no time with the easy Push-Button Ignition operation.

All outdoor propane patio heaters are CE/CSA/ETL Approved for safety and equipped with a regulator hose. A nice added feature are the wheels that make moving and storing your patio heater an easy task. Made from rust resistant and weather resistant material and a weight base for stability.

They can be use for any special event, wedding, party, outdoor events, on your pool deck, deck or patio.

These wonderful free standing propane patio heaters are updated with the newest technology and features to make keeping your guests, friends and family comfortable an easy task. Push button technology is all it takes to start the heat going and with the added safety features you can rest easy know that they are manufactured with the highest safety standards.

 Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater Hammered Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater Stainless Steel Outdoor Propane Patio Heater Pyramid Bronze Outdoor Patio Propane Heater Pyramid Mocha Outdoor Patio Propane Heater

And Don’t forget the Propane Heater Cover to keep your Patio Heater looking like new and working great.

 Veranda Standup Patio Heater Cover Patio Heater Cover in Tan Patio Heater Cover, Square Cover For Pyramid Patio Heaters Patio Heater Top Cover, Khaki

Outdoor Garden Thermometers

Outdoor Garden Thermometers are a great addition to any back or front yard.  They are not just your typical outdoor garden thermometer anymore.  Outdoor Garden Thermometers are now a work of art and are not only functional but an attractive piece to add in your yard.  They not only show you the temperature outside but can also be used to compliment your outdoor decor as they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles.  Dual styles are available that not only show the temperature but the time and barometric levels as well.

Garden Thermometers

Is the weather outside frightful or delightful? With just a look out the window, you’ll know by glancing at your outdoor thermometer if it’s a jacket day.

Outdoor Thermometers are made to withstand the cold, harsh winters as well as the hot summers so they will keep showing the temperatures year after year. Today’s garden thermometers are designed with you in mind so that they are attractive as well as functional.

These attractive garden Thermometers come with a hanger on the back to make mounting easy on any surface.  If mounting is not your thing, you can now have an outdoor garden thermometer on a stake that you can place where you want in your yard or garden.  They are weather resistant and are made to withstand severe weather conditions such as heat or cold.  They are made with durable materials that will prevent damage to them and their colors will stay vibrant for years to come as they are uv protected to maintain their color and quality.


 Antique Copper Finish Adjustable Angle 10 Inch Garden Thermometer MayRich 15” Side Mounted, Swivel Garden Clock and Thermometer Springfield Beach Outdoor Thermometer Metal Outdoor Clock with Thermometer and Humidity, 18-Inch Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometer, 17 by 14-Inch Snowman Thermometer & Snow Gauge



Decorative Downspout Covers

Downspout covers are a necessity for every home and although your home undoubtedly comes with them, you know those plain white ones. Why not make them an accent in decorating your yard.

Not only do these downspout covers change the landscape of your yard, they perform an important function of home maintenance by keeping water funneled away from the foundation of your home. Any standing water at the foundation of any home can cause costly damage to your home. It’s important to monitor the outside perimeter of your home to make sure there are no holes or gaps by the foundation that could cause puddles or standing water.  These downspout covers extend the water flow out and away from the foundation of your home.

Decorative Downspout Covers

Decorative Downspout Covers can come in a variety of styles that are designed to mimic the outdoor elements. They are made of a poly resin material or cement that is made specifically to with stand the outdoor elements of cold, heat, wind, rain and snow. They will remain looking new year after year.

 Leap Frog Decorative Downspout CoverCheck It Out Pretty Bird Decorative DownspoutCheck It Out Stormy the Gnome Downspout CoverCheck It Out Gnomes on a Mushroom Downspout CoverCheck It Out Three Bears Downspout Cover – Rustic DecorCheck It Out Drips the Turtle Downspout CoverCheck It Out Jolly The Squirrel Downspout CoverCheck It Out Raider The Raccoon Downspout CoverCheck It Out


Propane Tank Covers

Propane Tank Covers

Propane Tank Covers can make any old rusty propane tank take on a new and interesting look.

So many of us barbeque throughout the year, even in the cold winter months. The barbeque is always up and running and ready to cook up that favorite steak. With any barbeque comes apropane tank which is returned each time you fill and and there is no telling what the refilled tank is going to look like. That rusty and beat up propane tank is an eye sore in your outdoor living space.

These decorative and creative propane tank covers will make any old tank look new and will fit in with your outdoor decor. Your friends and family will be asking “where did you get that?”

Cotton/Nylon Propane Tank Covers are made of a durable outdoor cotton or nylon material that is weather resistant to protect your propane tank keep your cover looking new. They are washable in cold water. Designed with sewn-in velcro strips for quick and easy wrap-around installation and fits any standard 20 pound propane tank.

 Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Propane Tank CoverCheck Price

Magnetic Propane Tank Covers are reusable, printed, die-cut, decorative propane tank covers. They are easy to apply to any standard 20 pound propane tank. Once the tank is empty, simply remove the magnet from the empty tank and reapply it to your new tank. They have a clear-coat that prolongs life, helps to prevent staining and is washable. These are not decals or a painted application. They leave no residue, and give the customer the ability to customize your propane tanks like never before.

 American Flag Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price BBQ Pig Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Grill ‘Em All Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price BBQ Bull Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Beer Glass Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Camo Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price