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Floating Lounge Chairs


Floating Lounge Chairs are a must have accessory for anyone who owns a pool or frequents their community pool.

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than laying out on the cooling waters soaking up some rays.

A floating lounge chair is the perfect way to relax on a hot summer day. Floating in the pool, lake or ocean with the tranquil and soothing sounds of the crystal clear water is a perfect way to end your day and start your weekend. Add in a cold drink and you are set to go for the day.

Many floating lounge chairs are comfy and cozy with comfortable headrests, armrests and backrest. Some are adjustable so you can sit up or lay down comfortably. Built in cup holders make sure your cold drink stays close at hand.  Everything you need for a relaxing day at your favorite spot.

Floating Lounge Chairs are made of durable material to last year after year.  New technology makes the hot and sticky plastic a thing of the past.  These floating loungers are covered in a soft, comfortable and cool fabric that will get rid of those sweating in the sun days.  Heavy gauge vinyl prevents punctures, rips and tears. They are easily inflatable and you’ll be rockin in the sunshine before you know it.  Once deflated they take up almost no room in your storage area and will ready for next year’s fun in the sun.



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