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Animated Halloween Zombies

Creepy crawling animated Halloween Zombies will be the focal point in your yard and outside Halloween decorating. Their spooky presence will have the trick or treater’s stopping dead in their tracks. Whether it’s a crawling zombie or a zombie sneaking out of the fog, your home will the “go to” home for Halloween viewing.

Animated Halloween Zombies will be the center point of your Halloween decorating with their scary and spooky movements. They are absolutely great for outdoor Halloween decorating especially with their light and fog effects that will create that eerie feeling during those dark evening hours. Add in the creepy and bone chilling screeches and screams for that ultimate Halloween experience. Motion activated for the uptimum effect of scariness.

Animated Halloween Zombies are made for indoor or outdoor use.  Many are motion activated and come to life as you pass by.  They can also come with light and sound to really enhance that scary and eerie feeling you are looking to achieve.  Just image the scare of the trick or treater’s as they walk by and your zombie jumps or crawls towards them.  The ultimate Halloween scare for any outdoor Halloween decorating.
 Crawling Zombie Animated PropCheck It Out

The Crawling Zombie Animated Prop Features one 2 foot long animated prop with light up eyes. 4 aa batteries not included. This prop features sound, light, and motion. This prop features sound, light, and motion.  Creepy and crawling will have you spooked for days to come.





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