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Hanging Wreaths In Outside Windows

window wreathsOne way to decorating your windows for Christmas is to hanging Wreaths in outside windows.  It’s a clean and classy look and can be surprisingly easy to do with these tips.

Before purchasing anything measure your windows and then measure again.  The worst thing is buy everything and start hanging your wreaths only to find out that you’ve gotten the wrong size.

There are a couple of different options to hanging Wreaths in outside windows, outdoor suction cups, magnetic wreath holders or by using ribbon.  Decide which method you would like to use.  Outdoor suction cups adhere to window and have a hook to hang your wreath, Magnetic Wreath Holders are actually 2 pieces of magnetic that are strong enough to attach through the glass with a hook on the “outside” part and outside ribbon can easily be used to create a different look.

All methods require that you measure and measure again where you want your wreath to hang to have the correct placement of your wreath.  Nothing more annoying than having one wreath hanging lower than the others.  What ever method you choose will require that you open your windows to attach any wreath hanger.

Suction cups and magnetic wreath holders can be easily placed, remember to measure how far down you place your magnet or suction cup so that all your wreaths hang at the same level.

Using a ribbon to hanging Wreaths in outside windows creates an even more interesting look.  Again you will need to open your windows, measure the ribbon to bring the wreath down to the desired level.  There are a couple of different ways to attach the ribbon to the wreath.  You can either run the ribbon through the wreath and bring both ends together or hot glue one end around the wire part of the wreath.  Either way works, I would not recommend staples as they cawreath ribbon knotn fray the ribbon.  Once your wreath is in place, simply bring the ribbon inside through the window and close it.  You will need to secure the ribbon inside to make sure it doesn’t “slip” outside.  This can be easily done by typing a knot in the section of the ribbon that you will inside your home.  You can also use a thumb tack or push pin to secure the wreath if yo have wooden frames.  Always use ribbon specifically made for the outdoors so that it will last season after season.

If you live in an area that is windy, you may want to secure the bottom of the wreath as well.  Secure your wreath through the bottom window either with ribbon or fishing line for a more finished look

Always remember, safety first, don’t hang out of the window!

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Sliding Glass Door Security

A sliding door can be a pSliding door security baropular entry point in your home for burglars to get into your home.  Sliding Glass Door Security is an important issue in protecting your home and your possessions.

Sliding door security bars are an inexpensive way to prevent those burglars from getting into your home and giving you piece of mind and a sense of security during not only at night but during the day as well.

Security bars are not only for night time use, they can be used anytime to prevent your children or pets from getting out of the house and into the yard with out supervision and keeping them safe. Many children can easily unlock a sliding door and get out into the yard and possibly getting out of the yard and becoming lost or even more dangerous is if you have a pool.  Sliding door security bars can help avoid a potential hazard for everyone and every pet in your home.

They are easy to use and install and use and can protect you and your family from many different frightening circumstances.  There are different models available for ensure your safety for you and your family.  Some as simply as placing a sliding glass door security bar in the tracks, this bar is manufactured to prevent removal from any outside source.  Another model is attached to the end of the door and the bar swings into place preventing anyone from opening the door without removing the bar. Either method is efficient enough to prevent any unwanted access or keeping children, elderly parent and pets safe inside home.  Using any type of security bar on your sliding glass door gives you and your family piece of mind during any time of the day or night.

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