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Outdoor Standing Fans

Outdoor standing fans are great for use year round. You don’t have to brave the heat of the summer any more. You can still haveOutdoor Standing Fan a family outing or barbeque with a cool breeze to keep your family and guests comfortable while their socializing on the deck. Even on a warm fall or spring day or evening a outdoor fan will be a welcome addition to keep the air circulating for a fresh breeze. Need a little extra cooling? A misting fan or misting kit to add to your existing fan is an wonderful addition.

I personally like theDeco Breeze Fans.  They will have your guests stunned at the sheer beauty and workmanship of the fan itself.  Stately and elegant to fit in with any outside decor.

These outdoor standing fans are coated with U/V resistant, all-weather paint to prolong outdoor use while looking like new with a weighted base to keep it in place during any party or gathering. Telescoping neck piece for adjustable heights and angles. Comes equipped with a 4 foot black electric cord that is ETL approved for outdoor safety.

Always check to make sure that any outside electrical cords are in compliance with outdoor requirements, remember safety first.


 Holmes Group HSF1614-BLU 3-Speed Outdoor Misting Stand Fan, 16Check It Out

With an outdoor Misting Stand Fan, you can start pleasantly enjoying your backyard during the hot summer months for lounging, barbecues, or get-togethers. It provides simple and effective cooling relief from the hot summer sun and outdoor evenings. Simply attach the end of the misting hose connector to a standard garden hose and turn on the water for a soft mist that will keep everyone cool. Whether with family or friends, you can expand your living space by being able to use your outdoor areas more frequently during the warm weather months with outdoor misting fan.


 Indoor / Outdoor Misting Standing FanCheck It Out Deco Breeze Outdoor Standing FanCheck It Out Deco Breeze Outdoor Standing FanCheck It Out Deco Breeze Outdoor Standing Fan KailuaCheck It Out Deco Breeze Outdoor Standing Fan CoppertinoCheck It Out Deco Breeze Capri Outdoor Standing FanCheck It Out Holmes Misting Standing FanCheck It Out Deco Breeze Outdoor Standing Fan Fleur De Lis,Check It Out



Outdoor Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Inflatable Halloween Decorations are a great and easy way to decorate your yard for Halloween.   From the cute and whimsical to the scary and bizarre you will be sure to find the perfect outdoor inflatable Halloween decoration for your yard.  The scene on your lawn will just excite all the passerby’s as they oh and ah at all the homes decorated for Halloween.  Inflatable Halloween Decorations are great for easy decorating and they look great.



Outdoor Inflatable or Airblown decorations have become very popular in the last few years. They are easy to set up, take down and store.

Your airblown decoration is easy to set up by attaching a nozzle to the fan to the inflatable. Make sure you place it close enough to an electrical outlet or have an appropriate extension cord. It’s just a flip of the switch to start those airblown decorations going. Taking down is as easy as removing the nozzle and deflating you outdoor inflatable.

Once deflated, fold flat making sure to get out all the air. Once folded it is small enough to fit in the most packed garage.



 8.5 Foot Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Haunted House Castle with Skeletons, Ghost and Skulls Yard DecorationCheck It Out

This huge 8.5 Foot Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Haunted House Castle comes complete with Skeletons, Ghost and Skulls for the ultimate Halloween decoration. It can be set up in a matter of minutes and with the built in lights will give an eerie glow on your front yard during the night. Easily deflates and requires little storage space.



Black cats are a must have decoration for Halloween. The sleek and shiny black material will be shimmering on your front lawn with those eye looking right at you. Many of these Black Cat Halloween Inflatable come equipped with lighting.

 20 Ft Huge Lighted Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Black CatCheck It Out 10 Ft. Outdoor Halloween Inflatable – Black CatCheck It Out 8 Ft Outdoor Halloween Airblown CatCheck It Out 4 Ft. Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Black CatCheck It Out 7 Ft Outdoor Hallowen Inflatable Black Cat with HatCheck It Out 3.5 ft. Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Black CatCheck It Out 4ft Inflatable Halloween Classic Black CatCheck It Out 4 Ft. Halloween Inflatable Black Cat with HatCheck It Out


These awesome pumpkin inflatable decorations can be used not only for Halloweeen but for the fall season right through Thanksgiving. The animated pumpkins will delight the trick or treaters along with their bright lights and pop ups.

 9 Ft Animated Halloween Inflatable Ghost on PumpkinCheck It Out 4 Ft Animated Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin and GhostCheck It Out Snoopy/Woodstock Halloween InflatableCheck It Out Outdoor Inflatable Friendly PumpkinsCheck It Out 4 Ft Halloween Inflatable 3 Jack-O-LanternsCheck It Out 7 Ft Halloween Inflatable Kooky PumpkinsCheck It Out 7.5 Ft Long Halloween Inflatable PumpkinsCheck It Out Singing Animated Lighted Outdoor Halloween Inflatable PumpkinCheck It Out


There is a huge variety of Outdoor Inflatable Halloween decorations for your yard to help you decorate for the big day. Ghosts and goblins oh my and let’s not forget the skeletons and spiders that will be popping out for a big Halloween scare.

 9 Ft Halloween Inflatable Tree with Ghosts, Pumpkins, Owl and Tombstone DecorationCheck It Out 8 Ft Halloween Inflatable Grave Scene with Ghost and TombstoneCheck It Out 4 Ft Halloween Inflatable LED Lighted Skull Skeleton with HatCheck It Out 8 Ft Halloween Inflatable Kaleidoscope Lightshow SpiderCheck It Out 5 Ft Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Evil MonsterCheck It Out 6 Ft Outdoor Halloween Light Up Skull InflatableCheck It Out 9 Ft Halloween Inflatable Skeletons Ghosts on Dead Tree with TombstoneCheck It Out 13 ft Halloween Grim Reaper Carriage Outdoor Halloween InflatableCheck It Out




Outdoor Halloween Lights

Outdoor Halloween LightsOutdoor Halloween Lights are a must for anyone decorating for Halloween. Whether you are trying to create a spooky, ghostly theme or looking to add some Halloween color, Halloween lights are a necessity.

They are an easy way to add some eerie light to your home’s walkway for the trick or treaters.  You can use Outdoor Halloween String lights in your trees and shrubs and around your porch and deck.  They are easy to hang and wrap around tree branches and bushes.  Always hang your lights first so that you light up dark areas and use the light as a base for any other Halloween decorations you may want to display.  Using purple or orange Halloween lights can cast that much wanted eerie glow or use white to brighten up your outdoor space.

Outdoor Halloween Lights

Using outdoor lights for Halloween is a great way decorate. Halloween is right up there with Christmas for decorating your outdoor space. Lots of cobwebs and spiders and of course, you need light to cast that eerie glow on all those Halloween decorations. Halloween lights come in purple and orange, white, flickering and even with the Halloween stables such as pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons.

So decorate your home to your hearts content using lights designed just for Halloween.

 CrazyFire Copper Wire LED String LightsCheck It Out 100-Count Orange Halloween LightCheck It Out Purple Halloween String LightCheck It Out 50 Light Halloween Lights Orange Purple and GreenCheck It Out Halloween Orange Lights 25 Light outdoor useCheck It Out Halloween Purple Ceramic Outdoor 25 lightsCheck It Out



Bats and Ghosts and Spiders hanging off your trees or off your porch will really give the illusion of a perfect set up Halloween display.

 Ghost Outdoor Halloween String LightsCheck It Out Halloween Themed Battery String LightsCheck It Out Battery Outdoor Halloween String LightsCheck It Out Outdoor Halloween Holographic Bat LightsCheck It Out Halloween Twinkling Purple Bat String LightsCheck It Out Flashing Eyes Outdoor Halloween LightsCheck It Out Battery Purple Spider Halloween String LightCheck It Out Outdoor Halloween Icicle String LightsCheck It Out




Garage Screen Doors

Garage Screen Doors, you say? What an awesome idea!

My garage is a hangout for the boys, a man cave so to speak. There’s a TV, a couch, workout equipment, a heater and even a small refrigerator. Enough to keep the men smiling and busy while watching football, baseball, playing cards or just hanging for evening.
Having a screen door on our garage allows everyone to enjoy an evening or day outside with some fresh air without the bugs flying in and buzzing around. Being able to screen off your garage is also great for those that use their garage as a work shop or to repair your car. No need to shut the garage door to keep the bugs out, just hang up a garage screen door.

There are a couple of different designs that are sure to suit your needs and they can be installed in just a few minutes. They also come in double or single garage door sizes. I particularly like the magnetic closure like a Magic Mesh Door.


There are a couple of different designs that are sure to suit your needs and they can be installed in just a few “minutes. They are made to last and will turn your garage into a bug free “man cave” or work shop that will get hours and hours of use.

They also come in double or single garage door sizes. I particularly like the magnetic closure like a Magic Mesh Door.

 photo Garage-Screen-Door_zpshsirhrap.jpg/
 IdeaWorks Instant Garage Screen Door-DoubleRead Reviews

Let the fresh air in, keep those bugs out! Turn your garage into an instant screened porch! These Garage Door Screens install in seconds and give you direct access to the Great Outdoors, without any of the distractions. Leave your entry door open to let in a fresh breeze or keep an eye on the kids outside. Walk in and out with ease thanks to the center-opening and weighted base. An essential piece of gear for your next family reunion, graduation, birthday or other large event.



Single garage door screens come in two styles, a full door screen or a split screen to walk through.

 Single Garage Door ScreenRead Reviews Single Garage Door ScreenRead Reviews Single Garage Door ScreenRead Reviews Single Garage Door ScreenRead Reviews



2 car or double garage screen doors can also be used as a single garage screen door or split for easy entry.

 2-Car-Garage Screen Door KitRead Reviews Double Garage Door ScreenRead Reviews Snap On Garage Screen DoorRead Reviews Instant Garage Screen DoorRead Reviews





Floating Pool Lights

Colorful floating pool lights can add some wonderful night time ambiance to any night time activity right in your own back yard.

Having a pool is a great way to cool off during the day and even on a hot summer day. Using these awesome and colorful floating pool lights can also let you use your pool during the dark evening hours extending your pool usage. They give some extra light and create an array of bright colors floating in the dark through your back yard.

The Colors Of The Evening

Whether you are having a night time family gathering or a quiet date night with your significant other, sparkling colors can adorn your back yard creating an evening of ambiance that will be sure to amaze and mesmerize your family and friends. The children will absolutely love them as they chase the colors through the night and wonder about the colors in the pool.

Watching the colors bounce off the water or swirling in the air is a sight that just calms and cools the soul creating a tranquil atmosphere for all to behold and a great evening to be had by all.

Floating Pool Lights

Pool Lights come in a variety of styles and colors so that you can choose which is best for you. Many float freely through your pool while others are stabilized around the edge. You can even use some of them in your garden to light a pathway or show case your garden. There are many different options in decorating your back yard with floating pool lights that are not just for the pool.


 Solar Powered Color Changing Floating Pool LightsCheck It Out Solar Powered Color Changing Floating Pool LightsCheck It Out Solar Powered Color Changing Floating Pool LightsCheck It Out Floating LED Pool LightC ubeCheck It Out Set of 12 Floating Pool Light Deco BallsCheck It Out LED Underwater Pool LightsCheck It Out Underwater Pool LightsCheck It Out



Floating Pool Fountains

Floating pool fountains are an awesome addition to any backyard pool or pond. The lights and sound of falling water creates a tranquil getaway from an otherwise busy day. Add in some color and you have a beautiful array of colorful water spray that lights up your pool and backyard.

Floating pool fountains are easy to install in just minutes.  You just attach the hose the hose to your existing pool filter so you won’t be using any additional electricity or you can also use with the built in pump.  Either way it’s easy to install and you will be enjoying the tranquil sound of the pool fountain and the wonderful colors that shine bright at night.  You will be creating a back yard oasis for you, your family and friends to enjoy on a warm summer night.  They are great for any evening or get together with just one or the whole neighborhood.

There are many styles that are available to fit your budget and size of your pool. Many are adjustable from 3 feet to 16 feet and you can even control the number of sprays to create a tiered elegant effect that will amaze your family and friends. Creating a wonderful backyard experience for everyone. They are mesmerizing with the twirling and spinning water and colorful lights sparkling right in your own backyard.

These are just a sampling of what is available to create “that” space in your backyard at a minimal cost with a big effect on your backyard living space.


 Dancing Waters Light & Fountain ShowCheck It Out Rock Formation Floating Fountain 1 Rock ColorCheck It Out Floating Pool FountainCheck It Out Swimline Kaleidoscope Color Changing Pool FountainCheck It Out Nepta Floating Pool FountainCheck It Out Dunnrite Floating Pool FountainCheck It Out



Magic Mesh Screen Door

I have purchased quite a few Magic Mesh Screen Doors over the past few years. In theory they work great, but were not up to the feat of my rowdy boys, crazy dogs and rough husband. They are inexpensive enough to buy and so easy to install.

So I was delighted to see the many updates and upgrade they made to their products. Strips of magnets are sewn in as well as the velcro. Having the velcro sewn in makes installing much easier and the magnets are longer and since they are inside the seams won’t pop off or be chewed off by the many dogs and puppies that frequent my home.

Mesh Screens Doors are an instant screen door that goes up in minutes and can be a temporary screen doorthat work effectively for keeping out bugs, flies, mosquitoes and many other flying or crawling critters while allowing fresh air and a cool breeze into your home.

No more getting up to let the dog in and out and in and out, your furry friends can now go out and in by them self with the strong magnetic strips sewn into the screen door automatically closing each time behind them.

The Magic Mesh Screen doors allow you to walk outside with a armful of drinks or food easily without having to open and close the door behind you.

I was concerned about installing the Magic Mesh because my house has vinyl siding. However, the Magic Mesh comes with heavy duty velcro that is sewn into the fabric binding and easily attaches to the top and side of your door’s frame.

It was super easy to install, no tools, no fuss, no mess. Simply apply the velcro strip to the frame and place the Magic Mesh Screen Door into place. The velcro will hold the screen door in place. Additional tacks are included that can be used on wood frames to give additional attaching.

Since the magnets attract each side, when you walk through the Magic Mesh Screen Door, it automatically closes behind you. Walking through the Magic MeshScreen Door is easy, really just walk through the door, you can even push with your tush.  Since the Magic Mesh Screen Door closes behind you, it keep out the flies and bugs and allows you to have a nice cool breeze and fresh air in your home.

l would definitely recommend the Magic Mesh Screen Door. It is easy to install and easy to use and best of all keeps the flies out of my house.

A 5 Star Product

Magic Mesh is the hands-free screen door that lets you keep fresh air in and annoying bugs out. It fits single doors, sliding doors, RVs and more. It opens easily and then instantly closes behind you.

I really like this version of the Magic Mesh Screen Door, it has long magnetic strips instead of numerous smaller magnets which ensure a gap free closure. Heavy duty velcro is sewn into the binding from top to bottom.

Top Rated Magnetic Screen Door at Amazon with a whopping 4 1/2 stars.

Premium Magnetic Screen DoorPremium Magnetic Screen DoorView Now

Using a combination of long magnet strips and strong magnet blocks, Instant Bug Mesh magnets are sewn into the seam providing a perfect seal from top to bottom.

Instant Bug Mesh has a full length Velcro strip sewn into the mesh across the top and down each side. Additional push pins are provided for an installation strong enough to handle years of heavy household traffic. Installs in minutes.

See and feel the difference of the high quality polyester used in Instant Bug Mesh, a stronger, more durable mesh which feels soft, is machine washable and keeps more bugs out with a Perfect Gap Free Seal.Using a combination of long magnet strips and strong magnet blocks, Instant Bug Mesh magnets are sewn into the seam providing a perfect seal from top to bottom.

Instant Bug Mesh has a full length Velcro strip sewn into the mesh across the top and down each side. Additional push pins are provided for an installation strong enough to handle years of heavy household traffic. Installs in minutes



Magnetic Mesh Screen Doors, top rated by you, the Consumer.

 Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty MeshView Now Magnetic Screen DooView Now Magnetic Screen DoorView Now Reinforced Magnetic Screen DoorView Now

Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads

Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads prevent slips and falls for you, your family, your guests and your. In our home growing up, we had them on all the stairs. We had hard wood stairs that were quite slippery without the them. There were many a time that someone could have slipped and hurt themselves, but these prevent falls and accidents.

They are great for indoor and outdoor as well.

Using them out side prevents accidents, slips and falls during snow and rain and even a wet step during a water fight.

Make any stairway a safe step with these non slip stair treads that are easy to install and maintain in your home. There are a multitude of designs and colors that are sure to compliment your home\’s decor. They will create a stunning statement on your wooden steps without damaging your wood.

Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads

Prevents slips and falls from slippery outdoor steps and creates a firm footing on steps. Also keeps dirt and debris from getting tracked inside. Fade resistant to keep it’s color during hot and cold weather.

Outdoor non slip stair treads makes your outdoor living space safe for everyone going up and down your porch or patio stairs.


Features of Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads

  1. Prevents slips for pets, the elderly, and children
  2. Fade Resistant
  3. Helps keep dirt from your home
  4. Easy do-it-yourself installation
  5. Easy to clean


 Dean Premium Indoor/Outdoor Non-Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out Waterhog Non Slip Outdoor Stair TreadsCheck It Out Waterhog Fall Non Slip Outdoor Stair TreadsCheck It Out Non Slip Outdoor Stair TreadsCheck It Out Butterfly Non Slip Outdoor Stair TreadsCheck It Out Non Slip Outdoor Stair TreadsCheck It Out Non Slip Outdoor Stair TreadsCheck It Out


These colorful outdoor non slip stair treads not only do the job of added safety for your family and guests, they create a colorful and coordinated addition to your outdoor yard decor.

 WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out WaterGuard Outdoor Non Slip Stair TreadsCheck It Out





Leaf Bag Holders

leaf bag holder

It Yard Clean Up Time

Every fall and spring it’s yard clean up time and that’s why I have leaf bag holders.

Got Leaves? I do, lots of trees and lots of leaves.

I really don’t mind the raking, I kind of enjoy it. It’s putting all those leaves in the bag that’s a killer. Trying to hold the bag in one hand or laying it down and holding it with my foot while sweeping in the leaves and only getting half in that drives me nuts. Getting leaves into bags can be annoying enough to test anyone’s patience. Bending and trying to hold it while putting the leaves in, heck we only have two hands.

Holding The Bag

I appreciate anything gizmo or gadget that makes my life easier. When I first saw these I thought “I HAVE to have one” with the amount of debris and leaves that I have to pick up numerous times a year.

I have to say that I really was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked and it actually has a few different uses.

So who’s left holding the bag, not me! And I don’t have my hubby calling me to help him either.

You can also use it to hold your cans or plastic for recycling in your garage. You won’t have those bags flopping over with cans rolling around your garage. Throw in your cans and when it’s full or on garbage pick up day, pull it out and put it out.

They are inexpensive so having one or two around is definitely a plus.

Do You Hold Your Bags?

I really think that leaf bag holders or loader is a must for any gardener. It has many benefits and over all just makes your gardening and yard clean up so much easier. You can also use it for your weeding since it is light enough to be portable. Just take it with you as you weed and clean, throw the debris in the bag and you are set to go. No more dragging that bag with you.

They hold your bag upright without it blowing in the wind or collapsing while you are trying to put leaves, weeds or debris into the bag. When it is full simply remove the from the stand , tie and discard.

 Bag Butler – Leaf Bag HolderCheck It Out Leaf Bag HolderCheck It Out The Bag Bud – Leaf Bag HolderCheck It Out Folding Stand Leaf Bag HolderCheck It Out Fold-Up Leaf Bag HolderCheck It Out Lightweight Leaf Bag HolderCheck It Out


Decorating With Christmas Lights Outside

Outdoor Christmas Lights

End The Extension Cord Nightmare For Decorating Outside With Christmas Lights

Yep, end that nightmare.  All you need are the right extension cords to do your Decorating Outside With Christmas Lights and you will be looking forward to decorating for Christmas again next year.

I remember decorating with my mom and using these little clip on outlets for the extension cords and wrapping every connection in plastic wraps and little baggies…wow we’ve come a long way! There are some many different types and styles there is surely one that will help you connect to light up your lawn, windows and roof.

Let’s Start Outlining The Extension Cords

I have several 25 foot electrial cords that have 3 outlets on the end that I run from the outside outlets of my house into my yard. It brings the electric out to where you need it. Do not use inside outlets and close the window on the cord…big no no.

I also use 25 foot ones that have 3 two outlet that are spaced throughout the extension cord. Which makes it easier to space out my lawn ornaments. I love my Christmas extension cords and everyone in my home knows they are off limits. I store all my cords in a bin in my garage marked “Christmas Extension Cords”. No one is allowed to touch them.

Let There Be Light

I use green extension cords as they can easily blend into landscape. They come in different colors and sizes, choose the one that best suits your needs. Make sure that any any one you use is made specifically for outdoor use.

Stake It And Time It

A great way to connect net lights in your garden is to use a multi outlet stake. You can easily connect your lights through the stake. The stake can plug directly into your outside outlet or through the multi-outlet extension cord. Most stakes come with waterproof covers which eliviate those plastic bags.

Most multi outlet stakes now come with timers or remotes that allow you to turn off your lights at night. Two in One….just makes your decorating that much easier.

So What’s In Your Yard

By using these great extension cords, I’m able to have the brightest house on the block during Christmas. Every year I have to promise my dear husband that I won’t buy any more Christmas lights or decorations! Somehow I always find one that I just have to have. Here’s my list….6-6 foot Christmas Trees-I have spirals and twigs, just love the twigs, 2-4 foot Christmas Trees, 36 mini Christmas Trees, 4 Deer, 4 Pandas, 18 lighted Candy Canes, 16 lighted stake globes, 18 Presents and I know I’m leaving something out…And that’s not including all the lights I put on the trees, bushes, fence and deck. My husband does the icicle lights on the house and has to leave before he has a melt down. Did I mention my electric bill???? The new LED lights are great…my mission is to replace all my lights with LED

..but then again I promised.

So What’s In Your Yard?

 25-Foot 3-Outlet Garden Extension CordCheck It Out 8-Foot Outdoor Extension Cord with 3-OutletsCheck It Out 20-Foot Outdoor Extension CordCheck It Out Cord Connect Water-Tight Cord LockCheck It Out Digital Multi-function Outdoor TimerCheck It Out Digital Residential Plug-in TimerCheck It Out